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Carlos Escalera is a large boy who is paired with Greg Heffley in the ballroom dancing unit in Phys Ed. He appears in The Third Wheel.

When the ballroom partner selection was done, him, Greg and at least three other kids didn't get a partner so the teachers started pairing them with each other and Greg was forced to dance a waltz with Carlos. Before that, the boys thought that if they didn't have a partner, they could go play kickball for three weeks. But they celebrated too soon, because the Phys Ed teacher made everyone dance.

On Monday a week later, Phys Ed was cancelled because of a general assembly, which disappoints Greg, as he and Carlos had been getting the hang of the merengue.[1]


  • Carlos Escalera is taller and stockier than Greg. He has short black hair on the top of his head and a large nose. He is commonly shown wearing a dark full-sleeves shirt and trousers.


  • Given his name, its likely that Carlos Escalera is Hispanic or of Hispanic descent.




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