Candy Grams
Candy Grams written to Adrianne and Julia
Greg's Candy Gram to Adrianne that also asks Adrianne to give the Candy Gram to Julia if she did not want to go with Greg to the Valentine's Day Dance.
Vital statistics
Type Valentine's Card
Effects They could make kids school experience and social life be greatly affected if someone got there date to say yes or no to a Candy Gram
Source They were bought from the Dance Committee. How and when the Dance Committee made them is unknown
Cost to buy They could be bought from the Dance Committee for 25¢ (cents)
Cost to sell They were sold by the Dance Committee for 25¢ (cents)
Candy Grams were invitations to the Valentine's Day Dance in The Third Wheel. They costed 25¢ (cents). They were sold by the Dance Committee. A lot of kids wanted them and they seemed to be important to buy, mostly to get invite people as a "date" to the Valentine's Day Dance. Greg tried something different after asking a few people out, which was buying Candy Grams that were delivered to him, to make it appear that lots of people wanted him as their "date" to make him seem popular so people might actually invite him as their "date".



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