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"Hey, do you hear that high pitched noise?”
“I'm just kidding, there's no high pitched noise!"
Bryce fooling his cronies about a high-pitched noise because they agree with whatever he says.

Bryce Anderson is a student at Larry Mack Junior Middle School, where he holds the title of the most popular kid in his grade. He leads a clique of boys who look up to him and aspire to be as popular as he is, leading to their admiration and adoration for him. Additionally, many girls at the school find him attractive and often compliment his appearance, with some even going as far as considering him to have a cute butt.

Bryce has made appearances in several early books of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, with his latest appearance being in "Hard Luck." In the live-action film adaptation of the books, the role of Bryce was portrayed by Owen Best, and he also made a cameo appearance in the 2021 animated movie.


Very little is known about Bryce's personality, except that he uses his popularity to manipulate his cronies, and is almost oblivious to Greg's existence. He behaves in the same manner towards Rowley, except for when Rowley became popular, when Bryce treated him as a friend.

In elementary school, Bryce thought girls were 'stinky-poos', much to Greg's annoyance, as he defended the girls back then, and gets no credit. At some point at the end of Elementary School, or at the beginning of Middle School, he has matured and became the most popular kid in his grade , probably due to his appearance. Once he became popular, a bunch of boys started following him around and worshiping him.

Once Bryce noticed he was popular, he started using it to his advantage; such as creating a restaurant for the neighborhood parents and making his cronies do all the work, so he could get money. Although, he gave his cronies money and let them spend it on whatever they wanted.

And also, despite being the most popular kid in his grade, he is currently not shown to be in a relationship, and whenever there is a school dance, or something that a boy and a girl must do together, he usually chooses a different girl every time. He could be doing this, so he doesn't lose the attention of the girls.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Greg introduces Bryce Anderson as the most popular kid in his grade. It's known that most of the girls have a crush on him, even though he acted negatively towards girls in elementary school.[1]

The Last Straw[]

Bryce is shown talking to Holly while Greg attempts to throw his voice-over to him using his ventriloquism kit, repeatedly saying "I'm an idiot" which actually didn't work.

The Ugly Truth[]

Bryce appears fooling his friends about a high-pitched noise. It is mentioned by Greg that he does not need a best friend, because he has goons who follow him and believe whatever he says.

Cabin Fever[]

Bryce appears during Greg's seventh-grade summer (during the events of Dog Days), where he owned a restaurant created for the neighborhood parents. After the success of the restaurant, he earned over 300 dollars, which he split for his goons (one of whom bought a BB gun to prank Greg).

The Third Wheel[]

Bryce gets Candy Grams from five different girls when the first few of the Candy grams arrive.

Many girls at Greg's school like him and most boys supposedly worship him, of being loved a lot by girls like Holly Hills and Shelly. Many other girls have crushes on him; Ruby Bird probably did not due to being more interested in Fregley.

Hard Luck[]

Bryce appears with his other goon going around the cafeteria with Jeffrey Laffley, and he won the Best Hair award.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010 film)[]

The girls say Bryce Anderson has a cute butt, and while they are playing Twisted Wizard they talk about how that makes no sense. Later on in the film on October 31, when Rowley shows up to school in his new redesign by Greg, they see Bryce come out from a bus with his arms around two girls. Greg greets him and Rowley does the same, but also compliments his butt.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011 film)[]


Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2021 film)[]

Bryce Anderson is briefly mentioned in the cafeteria when Greg is talking about the popular kids.


The online book contains most of Bryce Anderson's role from the first 6 books scattered throughout.

In Bryce's first appearance, Greg gets burned by Christine Coolidge when she rejected Greg's offer of being his science partner by claiming that she already had a partner but then walks up to Bryce to ask him to be her partner.[2] Greg said he wasn't surprise because Bryce had a bunch of goons who worships him and being the most popular with girls despite being against them in elementary school.[3]

In October Bryce sets up restaurant which racked up $200 in tips alone even Ann Heffley and Frank Heffley enjoyed it.[4]


In the book, Bryce has short hair on the sides and has long hair on the top that is combed upwards. In the movie, Bryce has long hair.


  • In the films, he is played by Owen Best and is shown as Shelly's boyfriend.
  • The reason for his popularity is unknown, although it may be because of his appearance.
  • In the books, Bryce has short hair on the sides and long spiky hair that sticks upwards on the front, while in the movies, Bryce has long hair.
  • Fregley was more popular than him in Hard Luck. However, Bryce won Best hair.




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