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Brock Branigan P.I is the title of a T.V show that is introduced in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid (film). The purpose of the television show is to boost children with low self-esteem. The only episode that is seen is called "It's Awesome To Be Me."

In the episode that Greg Heffley watches at Westmore Middle School starts with an overweight guy in a green shirt, lonely and depressed, wondering aloud why nobody likes him. He then hears someone telling him that he just should be himself. He turns around and is shocked to notice that Brock Branigan P.I is sitting in a chair and reading a book, unnoticed by anyone else. Brock Branigan P.I tells him to go to the other students and just that "[you] need to learn to be yourself"! He encourages him to approach the other students.

The overweight guy goes and catches the other students' attention. He asks them if they like breakdancing, and he proceeds to do it alongside a song pumping out of his boombox. The other students are impressed, and one asks him to eat with them at lunch, calling him "friend". The unnamed overweight guy is overjoyed, and thanks Brock Branigan P.I for all his help. Brock Branigan P.I winks at the camera and the short show concludes.

Back in the classroom, the teacher rolls up a screen projector and asks the class what they learned. Greg ponders this, thinking that he knew what he learned: it is awesome to be him. He turns to look at his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, and says that it is too bad he is not enough like him. Rowley grabs a skeleton hand and waves it at Greg, and in the same moment Greg waves back, he decides to help Rowley become more like him, because "that's the kind of friend [he] is".


  • The show was most likely made in the 80's.