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Brian is a high school or college student who works with a company called Cool Brian that provides mentorship for young boys. He appears in The Ugly Truth.

After Rowley Jefferson breaks up with his best friend Greg Heffley, his parents hire Brian to befriend Rowley and hang out with him. Greg becomes aware of him after repeatedly seeing the two tossing around a football or Frisbee in Rowley's front yard. After figuring out Cool Brian's true nature, he doubts that his name is even Brian.[2]

One day, when the Cool Brian is unable to hang out with Rowley, a replacement Brian is sent instead, with Rowley seemingly unaware that he is a different person. Weeks later, Greg notices that he hasn't seen Brian in a while and wonders if Rowley is avoiding him because he think he'll "catch puberty" from him.[3]

It is unknown what happened to Brian later on, but it can be assumed that Rowley's parents ended their services with him at some point, as he hasn't made any further appearances.




  1. Greg Heffley states that Brian looks like he is in high school or college, which means his age is most likely within the range of 14 to 22.
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