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The Boy Scouts of America (colloquially, the Boy Scouts) is a real-life youth organization, with millions of members and volunteers throughout the United States. The organization and its members appear in The Last Straw and Old School.


The Last Straw[]

The Boy Scouts are mentioned when Greg Heffley talks about two scout troops in his area; Troop 24, which is in his neighborhood and does mostly volunteer work and Troop 133, which is located five miles away and does mostly fun things like trips and parties. Greg tries to keep his father, Frank Heffley, from learning about Troop 24 by doing things like distracting him when they drive by it.[1]

He joins Troop 133 along with Rowley Jefferson, and they easily get a whittling badge on the first day. Shortly after, the troop leader, Mr. Barrett, announces a father-son campout, which Greg signs up for. However, the day of the trip, he wakes up sick. When Frank was in a tent with two brothers and Marcus and Darren Woodley horseplayed until Darren was at the emergency room.[2]

Cabin Fever[]

When Greg was in Troop 133 he went over to Leisure Towers to see if any elderly people needed help carrying groceries as part of his badge. Rodrick and Greg did find an old lady who needed to go to the nearest Supermarket where they gave her a ride. However, they quickly found out that she was going towards the Supermarket that was recently built instead of the one 5 miles away from it. They tried to give her a ride but she refused and ended up reporting Greg and Rodrick.[3]

Old School[]

In preparation for the final night of his stay at Hardscrabble Farms, Greg tries to spy on a cabin that has a bunch of Boy Scouts in it to see if he can pick up some pointers on how to build a shelter, but is seen by one of them and apparently driven away.[4]

Dog Days (film)[]

In this movie, Greg, Rowley, Chirag, and Fregley join a club called the 'Wilderness Explorers', which is very similar to the Boy Scouts.



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