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Botson T-shirts are a set of misprinted T-shirts that are initially sold by a man in a street corner in Boston. and are later sold during the Valentine's Day Dance. They appear in The Third Wheel.

Gary Heffley encounters the guy and he gives him an offer to take over his business. Gary accepts the opportunity and asks Frank Heffley for a loan to buy the T shirts. After purchasing his entire stock, Gary notices the misspelling of "Boston" and before Gary could ask for a refund the guy was absent. Gary needed a place to stay before he got back on his feet so he decided to move inside the Heffley household for the time being. Gary and the Heffley's unload the shirts into the garage and Gary manages to vend one to Rodrick Heffley for three bucks who feels like he got a bargain.[1]

The kids in the gym trying to stand in the right order but they are herding cats

Later, Greg Heffley makes Rowley Jefferson sign up for Social Chairperson at school and the next day students were already doing gimmicks to make sure they get elected. Greg knew he was behind so he decided to do a stunt where he made everyone, during the candidate speeches, spell out a message with the Botson shirts telling students to vote Rowley on the bleachers. Greg started preparing the night before turning some of the Botson shirts inside out and writing a letter on each one. Greg makes the students wear the shirts for a piece of bubble gum but they wouldn't go in order.[2] Ultimately, Greg realises the whole fiasco was pointless anyway as Rowley was the only one who signed up for that role.[3]

Kids are demanding Uncle Gary to refund their money back after they discovered the T-shirt was rip-off

Gary signs up for the DJ at the Valentine's Day Dance and he realises it's the perfect occasion to get cleansed of the Botson shirts piled up in the garage as it would be dark in the gym.[4] The kids don't discern that they are getting scammed until the Senior Center people on the other side of gym turn on the lights and they start demanding for a refund. Gary manages divert their attention by turning the music up.[5]


  • In the official The Third Wheel tour, fans could take shirts of different colors which had "Botson" written on it.




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