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Book Timeline: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (First Book)[]

Sometime in 4th grade: Rowley becomes friends with Greg

End of 5th Grade: Greg tries to fail his screening to get put in the easy reading group

Sometime in the spring before Greg's first day of middle school: The cheese appears on the blacktop

Sometime in the April before Greg's first day of middle school: Abe Hall gets the cheese touch

Sometime during summer break: Abe Hall moves to California, the cheese touch temporarily ends

A few days into summer break: Greg gets pranked by Rodrick

September, Tuesday: Greg makes his first entry, Greg starts his first day at Larry Mack Junior High School, Rowley says the word “play” instead of “hang out“

September, Saturday: Greg's first weekend of 6th grade starts

September, Sunday: Manny draws a self portrait on Greg's bedroom door

September, Tuesday: Greg does chores with Rowley to get away with not exercising

September, Friday: Greg takes Rodrick's CD and listens to it in the middle of the night, Frank takes away his privilege to play video games for 2 weeks