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This is a timeline of events that have occurred within the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, starting with Diary of a Wimpy Kid and ending with No Brainer. Since events from the online book and film adaptations do not occur within the same canon, they will not be included. A timeline of events from the online book can be found here.

Due to the fact that exact dates are rarely shown, the timeline primarily uses weekdays in the month in order to keep track of events, with dates only being shown for specific holidays.

For detailed plots on each of the books, see their respective pages.

Book Series[]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

See Book timeline/Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Rodrick Rules[]

See Book timeline/Rodrick Rules

The Last Straw[]

See Book timeline/The Last Straw

Dog Days[]

See Book timeline/Dog Days

The Ugly Truth[]

See Book timeline/The Ugly Truth

Cabin Fever[]

See Book timeline/Cabin Fever

The Third Wheel[]

See Book timeline/The Third Wheel

Hard Luck[]

See Book timeline/Hard Luck

Old School[]

See Book timeline/Old School

Double Down[]

See Book timeline/Double Down

The Getaway[]

See Book timeline/The Getaway

The Meltdown[]

See Book timeline/The Meltdown

Wrecking Ball[]

See Book timeline/Wrecking Ball

The Deep End[]

See Book timeline/The Deep End

Big Shot[]

See Book timeline/Big Shot

Diper Överlöde[]

See Book timeline/Diper Överlöde

No Brainer[]

See Book timeline/No Brainer