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Bombshells Beauty Salon is a establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for people. It is where Susan Heffley and Gramma get their hair trimmed and it makes it's only appearance in Dog Days.

Susan decides to take Greg Heffley to her Beauty Salon as his hair was looking "shaggy". Greg first resisted the Salon but quickly began fonding it. There were TV's everywhere so you could luxuriate and view a show while getting hair cut but more superiorly Tabloids. Susan always throws them away as she believes they're full of deceit, however Greg perceives that crucial information are featured in them.

Even though the wait at the Beauty Salon was long, Greg still enjoyed his experience by reading his horoscope and gasping at movie stars without makeup. Once Greg started receiving his haircut he ascertained the greatest aspect of the entire Salon: The Gossip as the employees that work there know all the dirt around town. Greg was in the middle of a story about Mr. Peppers and his wife whose twenty years younger than him before getting dragged out by Susan. Greg wishes for his hair to grow out fast so he could hear the rest of the narrative. Susan starts to regret taking Greg to the Salon, as the hairstylists acquainted him to soap operas and now he's addicted. [1]

Ultimately, Greg asks Susan to drive him back to Bombshells Beauty Salon again even though he didn't need a haircut and just wanted to catch up on the town gossip. Annette, Greg's hairstylist, says she heard from an associate of Linda Jefferson that him and Rowley Jefferson are no longer friends because he didn't invite him to his birthday party. Greg discusses this in his journal.[2]

In Susan's photo album documenting the entire summer, one of the photos presents Greg at the Beauty Salon reading a tabloid about a newly released claim about a sighting of a "squirrel-boy" while getting his hair trimmed.[3]




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