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The Body Blankie is a wearable blanket that Greg Heffley and Rodrick Heffley received for Christmas. It only appears in Hard Luck, where Greg re-finds it in Susan Heffley's closet.

Prior to the events of Hard Luck, Greg receives a Body Blankie as a gift for Christmas. Initially, he wasn't too happy about it but he changes his heart after putting it on as he now didn't have to expose his skin to the cold air whenever he wanted to grab something as the Body Blankie had sleeves with mittens at the end. It felt like being in bed to Greg, calling the inventor of the blanket a genius. Greg notes that Rodrick had also received one and was much more addicted to his than Greg, so much so he didn't take it off for 5 days until Susan made him take a shower. Their addictions end when Greg and Rodrick slept through an entire church service and both of their Body Blankies were taken away.

When Greg re-finds the item in his mother's closet, he decides to wear it to school. He immediately regrets his decision when he finds out the leggings of the blanket were too short and was unable to do jumping jacks as well as the extreme heat from the flannel. Greg attempts to take it off but snaps the zipper, forcing him to wear it for his last class. In Social Studies, Greg tries to cheat a pop quiz using the Magic 8 Ball but due to the lack of movement the blanket provides it slipped from his hand and rolled right into Mrs. Merritt before he could grab it. When Susan told Vice Principal Roy and Mrs. Merritt the Magic 8 Ball was just a harmless toy, Greg wanted to interrupt her but chooses not to as she hadn't said anything about him wearing his Body Blankie.[1]


  • This could be a parody of the Snuggie.



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