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Bob Post
Name Bob Post
Age 50+[1]
Gender Male.png
Actor Unknown
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Bob Post is the creator of a comic strip called Lil' Cutie. He lives with his son Tyler, who has taken over the strip from him. He appears in Dog Days.

Bob created his Lil' Cutie several years prior, garnering some success with it. It is rumored that his comic strip is based off of his son when he was a child. Greg Heffley speculates that he has begun to have trouble coming up with new material as his son is fully grown.

Bob decides to retire and stop making Lil' Cutie, slating the final strip for August. However, the strip is continued when Tyler decides to take over from his father.




  1. Due to the fact that his son is 32 years old, he must be at least 50, although is most likely in his 60s.