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The Boardwalk arcade is an arcade room that is found at the back of Oceanside Pier at Amusementland in Dog Days and its movie adaption.


Dog Days[]

Greg Heffley convinces Robert Jefferson to let him and Rowley Jefferson play a few games in the arcade room. He insisted they should be given twenty dollars but Mr. Jefferson was only willing to give him one dollar. Linda Jefferson and Robert stayed back and tells them they need to be back outside in ten minutes which Greg thinks it's likely because the arcade was too loud for them. Greg showed Rowley his high score on Thunder Volt which was first place by only ten points. Greg bets the person below him was jealous that they were so close to beating Greg's score. Greg fails to wipe out the high scores by unplugging the machine. They shortly left the arcade room to better spend their one dollar.[1]

Dog Days (2012 film)[]


Arcade games[]

  • Asteroids (Renamed Shocker)
  • Frogs and flies (Renamed Froggie)
  • Generic tank arcade game (called Thunder Volt)
  • Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2 (film)
  • Lighthouse (film)
  • Spider-Bot (film)
  • Dream Town P (film)
  • Speed Bag (film)
  • Stacker (film)
  • An unknown Disney arcade cabinet (film)



Dog Days[]

Dog Days (2012 film)[]



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