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Shawn and Buses Shawn and Buses 22 hours ago

I am back

Hello, I am back to this wiki. The reason why I came back is because I heard about the new book called Big Shot, which is recently released. I have the book now. It was unfortunate for me that I had left this wiki 2 years ago because I had conflicts before due to not able to respond my other users, which is frustrating. What's now is that I am also not happy for not earning the "Best Day's of Wimp's Life" badge because someone got it.

Hopefully, I will be able to let someone earn the said badge, to show appreciate to others who show effort in contributing to this wiki. Now, it was better than before so hopefully I can return to being an admin when Pilliager returns from "Blocked user", then I can request admin there.

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Unknown43 Unknown43 1 day ago

The new and the old


It is with great sadness that I announce the retirement of the admin MonkeGamingWasTaken, who will be leaving for greener pastures as soon as his block lifts. Monke has been a staple of the wiki since last year and has been an effective staff member since he was promoted. He will be missed by those in the community, and I wish him the best of luck in the future.

Moving on to better news, I'd like to announce the return of Shawn and Buses, a super-user and former admin who has resurfaced and returned to the wiki after leaving two years ago, who is also well-known for being the #1 user on the achievements leaderboard. Welcome back, Shawn!

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Guestwith9 Guestwith9 1 day ago


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MINauful MINauful 9 days ago

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

I just finished watching the movie. It was much worse than i expected it to be.

Greg and Rowley look like preschoolers, The acting looked like they were reading something from a screen. The actors didn't match the look of the characters. Whenever Manny cries it looks like he is having a seizure. But the twins who acts as Manny are cute though. The one guy in the first resort who Mr Beardo threathens acted well though.

The type of humor was so gross and disgusting. But they did an awesome job recreating the stuffs from the book.

Overall- Bad Movie but has a good plot. 1/10

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Guestwith9 Guestwith9 12 days ago


This is a post to bring attention to the current situation. Today, Pilliager who is the current owner of the wiki has been banned. According to Miles854, he is banned for supposedly abusing his power after getting reported by a former admin. Luckily he is only banned for 14 days and hopefully this won't happen again.

Edit: he’s still is the owner. He got banned for allowing other users to use strange’s(who got their rights taken away in a poll by the community after the admins find out that he had a bad history only 5 months ago then got banned after he and Pilliager got in a beef) page as a test page

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid


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Rodrickheffley2 Rodrickheffley2 18 days ago

book 17?

  • The cover will be black
  • The name may be drum madness
  • It comes out summer 2022

That's all the theory

ok guys stop reading this please

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Pilliager Pilliager 19 days ago

another new admin!

Hello wimps!

I wanted to announce that we now have content mod Twister34 as an admin, and a happy new year!

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Speedboi999 Speedboi999 28 December 2021


I have made 6 brand new eras for all 16 DOAWK books, and I will like to share them with you all.

" The pre-classic era ": ( 2005 ) Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online

" The classic era ": ( 2007-2009 ) books 1-4

" The post-classic era ": ( 2010-2013 ) books 5-8

" The pre-modern era ": ( 2014-2016 ) books 9-11

" The modern era ": ( 2017-2020 ) books 12-15

" The post-modern era ": ( 2021-Present ) books 16-Present

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DeVfReSh DeVfReSh 18 December 2021

400 points

400 acivement points

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DeVfReSh DeVfReSh 18 December 2021

Hi might get banned by my cusuin

Ok I might get bannd my account is 2 days old and my cuz got my password so yuh

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DeVfReSh DeVfReSh 16 December 2021


Everyday I do a up date then I go on The star vs the forces of evil wiki only on special days I do 2 or 3 updates good bye googelers

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DeVfReSh DeVfReSh 16 December 2021

Hi first

Hi i'm a newcomer I got five bages just so you know The stuff that you Post Jeff Kinney probably watches

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Guestwith9 Guestwith9 13 December 2021

plans as an admin

Thanks to Pilliager for making me an admin! Thanks you for all the congrats! In this post I'll be listing my plans and what I'll do as an admin.

I'll still be editing the pages very often you can see my editing goals on my profile. While I'm editing I'll be dealing with spam and vandalisms I'll give them a warning if this is the first time they do it and if they do it again then I'll be blocking them depending on the severity on the vandal is how long I'll ban them for. If it's racialism then they'll get a striaght block for a year. I also plan on checking the disscus page daily to remove and ban users from any posts that voilates the guidelines. In short, don't be a manny then you'll be good with me.

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Pilliager Pilliager 13 December 2021

New Admin!!

Note: You will not see his rights for some time, due to a glitch.

Hello everyone! I wanted to announce that Guestwith9 is now an official admin and content mod!

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 10 December 2021


loded diper

TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy Legend = orientation:vertical position:bottom columns:1 ScaleMajor = increment:2 start:2013 ScaleMinor = increment:1 start:2013

Colors =

id:lvocals value:red legend:Clean_vocals id:unclean value:rgb(0.78,0,0) legend:unclean_vocals id:bvocals value:pink legend:backing_vocals id:lguitar value:teal legend:Lead_guitar id:rguitar value:brightgreen legend:Rhythm_guitar id:guitars value:Green legend:Guitars,_bass_guitar id:bass value:blue legend:Bass_guitar id:synths value:rgb(0.2,0.14,0.7) legend:Bass_synths id:drums value:orange legend:Drums,_unclean_vocals id:keys value:purple legend:Keyboards,_synths_and_others id:ta…
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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 10 December 2021


genre:Alternative Rock, Nu Metal, Melodic Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Pop Punk

songlist 1. Missing You (Not Really) 2. Ended Up Here 3. Fuck You 4. 5. Less Than Myself 6. 7. 8. 9. The Mind Electric 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Broken Kingdom (The King Who Lost It All) 18. 19. The One To End Existence 20. 21. 22. Dark Love 23. God End It All 24. Unscrew Me 25. Feeling Numb (Feat. Jerry Adams) 26. 27. 28. His World (Zebrahead/Crush 40 cover) 29. Fucking Hell 30. God, Please, Take Me Away.... 31. Goodbye...

Rodrick Heffley:Drums (Tracks 2, 3, 8, 11 12, 19, 25 and 27)Lead Vocals (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 17, 19, 22, 29, 30, and 31), Rhythm Guitar (Tracks 4, 17, 19, 21 and 22) Jeffrey Segal: Rhythm Guitar (tracks 2, 7, 13, 17, 19, 23 and 29) Matt…

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 10 December 2021


Release Date:May 16th 2019 Track Listing genres:Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Doom Metal, Pop Punk, Alternative Metal, Funk Metal

1. Pugatory is a Bitch 2. I Hate Facists 3. The Return of The Firstborn (3:54) 4. I Saw A Fucking Tree Sitting On An Toilet 5 80085983883 (0:18) 6. September 17th, 1999 (11:12) (clean) (Doom Metal) 7. July 14th, 2000 (3.28) 8. I Killed God And Satan Because I Felt Like It, Why Do You Ask? I Dont Even Fucking Know, I Just Did For Absolutely No Fucking Reason, So Stop Talking And Shut The Fuck Up And Leave Right Fucking Now Because I Am Drunk And Holding A Fucking Gun (3:19) (Explicit) (Pop Punk) 9. World History Session Part 2:Why Are We Talking About This Shit? It Only Gets Fucking Worse From Where We Are Going (Explicit)…

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 10 December 2021


Release Date:January 29th, 2018

Genre:Hard Rock, Nu Metal, Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Speed Metal


Track Listing

1. Devil's Diper (Heavy Metal) 2. Exploded Diper (Hard Rock) 3. You Are Not Alone (Melodic Metalcore) 4. Death Blooms (Mudvayne cover)(Explicit) (Nu Metal) 5. You And Myself (Speed Metal) 6. Batman Cant Do Jack Shit Because He Has No Superpowers (Explicit) (Nu Metal) 7. Asshole Apartment (Explicit) 8. The Arch-Demon From Hell With An Army Full of Demons (Fighting Satan) 9. Help The Citzens (Pop Rock) 10. Enter Sandman (Metallica cover) (Hard Rock) 11. Forevermore (Sent Straight To Purgatory) 12. Insomniac Motherfucker (Explicit) (Nu Metal) 13. Bled For Days (Static-X cover) (Nu Metal) 14. My Confession (Explicit) 15. Why Cant Yo…

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 10 December 2021


Release Date:January 27th 2017

Genre:Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Hard Rock, Deathcore, Deathgrind, Noise Rock

Track List

1. Primal Age 2. All Hail Queen Elizabeth/Boston Tea Party (Punk Rock) 3. The Civil War in America (Thrash Metal) 4. World Wars (Nu Metal) 5. War on Terror (Metalcore) 6. Screaming at Mirrors (Hair Metal) 7. My Toddler Ended Up In A Shoe Store (Please Get Him Out) (Clean) (Punk Rock) 8. I Stubbed My Toe On A Lego Brick (Explicit) (Deathgrind) 9. Church Service is Boring (Noise Rock) 10. Westmore Assembly (Punk Rock) 11. Asshole Anomaly (Pop Punk) 12. Diper Overload (Heavy Metal)

Benjamin Segal:Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar (tracks 2, 6, 10 and 12] Rodrick Heffley:Lead Vocals (Tracks 1, 3, 4, and 11)

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 10 December 2021


Release date:April 16th, 2016

genre:Post-hardcore, Nu Metal, Deathcore, Melodic Metalcore, Pop Punk

1. Crazy 2 3 4 5. The Cursed one is Me 6 7. Noteworthy Goodbye 8 9. Satan's Boss 10 11 12. Fuck The Law 13. 14. 15. Feel The Pain 16. Dont Tempt Fate 17. One Bad Acid Trip

Matthew Moore:Lead Guitar Rodrick Heffley Jeffrey Segal Ken Stevens Benjamin Segal Leo Harrington Christopher Merkle:Bass Guitar

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 10 December 2021


Release date:March 25th, 2015

Genre:Nu Metal, Metalcore, Ska Punk, Deathcore and Hard Rock Track Listing

1. Go Fuck Yourself (3:39) (explicit) (Deathcore) 2. The Firstborn (4:20) (clean) (Melodic Nu Metal) 3. Neptune's Aura (God Abandoned Us) (2:44) (explicit) (Ska Punk) 4. Ending The First Of The Many Of The Worlds (2:39) (Hardcore Punk) 5. In Memory Of.....(Goodbye Forever) (3:29) (Prog Metal) 6. I'm Not Kidding When I Say That Iggy Pop And The Stooges Looked Like An Fucking Joke Compared To GG Allin And His Behavior (1:19) (Explicit) (Speed Metal) 7. Before I Forget (Slipknot cover) (Clean) (Nu Metal) 8. Jerry Had A Truck The Size of The Moon (clean) (Ska Punk) 9. Jesus Loves Rock N Roll (Folk-Rock) 10. Doommetal.mp3 (0:31) (Grindcore) 1…

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Hi I'm not empty cool

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FriendlyGrim FriendlyGrim 8 December 2021


Ahoy everyone! Me name be AI! I be new to this wiki. What be yours?

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Julijur Julijur 7 December 2021



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Pilliager Pilliager 7 December 2021

Looking for Admins and Mods

Hello fellow wimps!

(Note: if you have less than 500 edits (300 for content mod and 100 posts for Thread Mod) don't apply for admin as your application will get rejected)

With the demotion and ban of former admin, TheVeryStrangeOne45, we need an admin to take his place. (Rules and regulations for adminship are here ). We also are looking for 5 new content mods and 5 thread mods. (Rules and regulations for content moderationship are here). (Rules and regulations for thread moderationship are here)

(Messeage me on my wall with your requests)

Best of luck to everyone, Pilliager

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Hsishshwi Hsishshwi 17 November 2021

Me ranking the diary of a wimpy kid books

Ok so just a quick note before we start. I haven’t read diary of an awesome friendly kid 2 and 3, I haven’t read the do it yourself book or the movie diary.

17th: the last straw

16th: dog days

15th: diary of an awesome friendly kid

14th: the getaway

13th: cabin fever

12th: the ugly truth

11th: the third wheel

10th: wrecking ball

9th: the third wheel

8th: hard luck

7th: the deep end

6th: big shot

5th: the long haul

4th: diary of an wimpy kid

3rd: rodrick rules

2nd: old school and double down

1st: the meltdown

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Theunkown55 Theunkown55 15 November 2021

c h e e s e

i remember when book 15 was realsed and we got one sneak peek of the movie

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Guestwith9 Guestwith9 4 November 2021


1,000 points nice I'm not gonna stop any time soon

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 1 November 2021


Attribute Changes - 13.0.0


walk_middle_ratio: 0.38 -> 0.5 ground_brake: 0.102 -> 0.106 dash_speed: 1.936 -> 1.95 air_speed_x_stable: 1.208 -> 1.21 air_accel_y: 0.087 -> 0.085

damage_fly_top_air_accel_y: 0.074928 -> 0.075

weight: 98 -> 99 star_attack_power: 15 -> 16 shoot_dash_speed_f: 1.5488 -> 1.56 shoot_dash_speed_b: 1.23904 -> 1.248

Donkey Kong

walk_speed_max: 1.365 -> 1.37 ground_brake: 0.123 -> 0.125 dash_speed: 2.09 -> 2.1 run_speed_max: 1.873 -> 1.9 air_speed_x_stable: 1.208 -> 1.21

damage_fly_top_air_accel_y: 0.084672 -> 0.0885

weight: 127 -> 136 star_attack_power: 20 -> 26 shoot_walk_…
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Guestwith9 Guestwith9 30 October 2021

I just want my blog post section to not be empty

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Twister34 Twister34 27 October 2021

Doawk books ranked

  1. Rodrick Rules
  2. The Ugly Truth
  3. The Original
  4. Hard Luck
  5. The Meltdown
  6. Cabin Fever
  7. Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid
  8. The Last Straw
  9. Big Shot
  10. Wrecking Ball
  11. Dog Days
  12. Old School
  13. The Third Wheel
  14. The Long Haul
  15. The Getaway
  16. Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories
  17. Double Down
  18. The Deep End
  19. Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure (sooooooooooooo boring)
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JoshuaU727 JoshuaU727 17 October 2021


I think that Greg was nicer in the films more than the books. Unpopular opinion

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TheVeryStrangeOne45 TheVeryStrangeOne45 13 October 2021

My new life has BEGAN

Well, this is a very big post regarding my future. This is actually my FINAL EDIT!

Q: Where are you now?

A: I am now editing the Henry Stickmin Wiki.

I am new there and i can't wait to see what's in store for me, i will be kind, fight vandalism and most importantly be a good soul. I miss being an admin here and i wish that WellFiredToast didn't snitch. I met so many good people on this wiki but i can't wait to meat more on the Henry Stickmin Wiki. This is TheVeryStrangeOne45, signing off for the final time.

- Strange

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Pilliager Pilliager 12 October 2021

Admin news 2

The decision is final, TheVeryStrangeOne45 has lost by 2 points and will not regain his admin rights.

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TheVeryStrangeOne45 TheVeryStrangeOne45 11 October 2021

I’m done

I hate to say this, but i’m done! I’m. F###ing. Done.

can’t believe that Pilliager just removed my permissions. This is unfair, this is unacceptable. I have done nothing wrong here but those 2 snitches got me in trouble. I should have demoted down to content mod. I worker VERY HARD to earn my permissions all to have them removed. This is uncool.

Until this BS is corrected, i am done i am leaving this place until this bullcrap that Pilliager did to me by removing admin (WellFiredToast and DeeDOS69 you snitches) is reversed. BTW, that was a long time ago.

Update: The vote didn’t win so i am officially done.

You know that when i quit i will NEVER COME BACK!!! Goodbye, fellow users. May i see you again another day. I’m leaving and joining the Henr…

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Pilliager Pilliager 11 October 2021

Admin news

The newest admin, TheVeryStrangeOne45, will no longer be part of the admin/sysop team.

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Twister34 Twister34 20 September 2021

Wimpy kid characters ranked from worst to best

15. Manny Heffley

14. Alex Aruda

13. Albert Sandy

12. Patty Farrel

11. Susan Heffley

10. Bryce Anderson

9. Fregley

8. Uncle Charlie

7. Frank Heffley

6. Rowley Jefferson

5. Robert Jefforson

4. Holly Hills

3. Greg Heffley

2. Rodrick Heffley

  1. Chirag Gupta

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Unknown43 Unknown43 17 September 2021

Every single person that's wronged Greg Heffley at some point

Not including his own family though. Using an extremely broad definition for this.

  • Bryce Anderson and his goons
  • Patty Farrell
  • Fregley
  • Mr. Huff
  • Marty Porter
  • Scotty Douglas
  • Mr. Winsky
  • Mr. Worth
  • Collin Lee
  • Chirag Gupta
  • The teenagers that tried to make him eat the Cheese
  • Rowley Jefferson
  • Trista
  • Leon Ricket
  • Mr. Watson
  • Mrs. Lowry
  • Mrs. Craig
  • Those kids that targeted Corey Lamb and Peter Lynn
  • Erick Bickford
  • Kenny Keith
  • Cecil Warner
  • Mr. Tanner
  • Mrs. Dean
  • Justin Spitzer
  • Holly Hills
  • Heather Hills
  • Nasty Pants
  • Bad Bradley
  • Leon Feast
  • Peyton Ellis
  • Baylee Anthony
  • Ruby Bird
  • Abigail Brown
  • Dennis Denard
  • Erick Glick
  • Cedric Cunningham
  • The fake Greg Heffley
  • Tevin Bartleman
  • Jake McGough
  • Tevin Larkin
  • Dennis Tracton
  • Trevor Nix
  • Speed Bump
  • The girls from the Safety Patrol
  • Ernesto Guiterrez
  • Gabriel Johns
  • Jacob Hof…
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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 10 September 2021


https://ibb.co/ChnrtVq https://ibb.co/N2tT09y https://ibb.co/Z2t8ZCB https://ibb.co/TRtMmd0 https://ibb.co/cvBCwjw https://ibb.co/RYBP8bg https://ibb.co/cgJj1b6 https://ibb.co/SmPTmbN https://ibb.co/YNs5V5N https://ibb.co/VwSpTbT https://ibb.co/Qr4FqVQ https://ibb.co/zJbM5Xx https://ibb.co/hFHpcyS https://ibb.co/G0jphCm https://ibb.co/p3JxjtJ https://ibb.co/Fzc6s6f https://ibb.co/85FqR5D https://ibb.co/Pj2xVt3 https://ibb.co/JxXwGX5 https://ibb.co/6XYkxf4 https://ibb.co/MMSbMFJ https://ibb.co/zJmLgGt

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Bronze85 Bronze85 3 September 2021

Hey Again!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Bronze85.Despite my icon and name, I'm actually a girl.

I WAS active, but when school ended I took a break from Fandom.But now that my sophmore year of high school has started, I'm back and active, and trying to be a good user.

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 1 September 2021


https://ibb.co/kQ6kFBf https://ibb.co/5LpLxn2 https://ibb.co/gth17X1 https://ibb.co/4pygkJ4 https://ibb.co/rQTSf49 https://ibb.co/jz9n5Mg https://ibb.co/PtxCdbS https://ibb.co/K7dp4nx https://ibb.co/Ksf3WTg https://ibb.co/c8HBBhz https://ibb.co/VqXvGfr https://ibb.co/VJjmwWf https://ibb.co/khNbCcr

https://ibb.co/zJYNq6f https://ibb.co/djGWC9C

https://ibb.co/DWDjX2J https://ibb.co/hxNvLG1 https://ibb.co/88g8L3p

https://ibb.co/yhR70NX https://ibb.co/YhxR1Bq https://ibb.co/68C4xpM

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Pilliager Pilliager 1 September 2021

New admin!

Note: You will not see his rights for some time, due to a glitch.

Hello everyone! I wanted to announce that User:Unknown43 is now an official admin and content mod! and admins are no longer heavily needed.

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Pilliager Pilliager 29 August 2021

Looking for new admins and mods

Urgent message: We need admins and content mods urgently, a bot user has deleted every redirect, and the new InfoCharacter update requires hundreds of pages to be updated and redirects restored. Dm me on discord (my gamertag is: Platypus#4200) or message me.

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 20 August 2021


https://ibb.co/MS9kDsN https://ibb.co/bHjtrHM https://ibb.co/4FPfjbD https://ibb.co/mCfK21B https://ibb.co/7pTFFhz https://ibb.co/Vqz70wD https://ibb.co/m8F6rs6 https://ibb.co/ZMkGC5H https://ibb.co/HXGzWRz https://ibb.co/LCYLWbV https://ibb.co/Q6tQ2Cr https://ibb.co/FwpKyND https://ibb.co/NNQVZG4 https://ibb.co/jv25Mrp https://ibb.co/j5yS2gR

https://ibb.co/qBgZ4H6 https://ibb.co/Q66gbpY https://ibb.co/NSFM4t9 https://ibb.co/5GY3PMF https://ibb.co/SJYXVSV https://ibb.co/s6s9ttQ https://ibb.co/S3FGrRv https://ibb.co/YDKQW42 https://ibb.co/jzkXq9X https://ibb.co/W6F6Fz3 https://ibb.co/FmMbHxH https://ibb.co/whwkzJq https://ibb.co/qdDJY7d https://ibb.co/QQZtGLf https://ibb.co/syvH6Xt

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 19 August 2021


https://ibb.co/b54M1S0 https://ibb.co/hHFN3Qv https://ibb.co/6HqDn9L https://ibb.co/hsbXh67 https://ibb.co/NLYh47P https://ibb.co/L0nZFPM https://ibb.co/Jyhc00L https://ibb.co/3hZ2VzQ https://ibb.co/G9wH0Jp https://ibb.co/3YQh8LM https://ibb.co/fFbYTG7 https://ibb.co/LpD49Wz https://ibb.co/PDmj7Fn https://ibb.co/sJfbmxM https://ibb.co/981Khyw https://ibb.co/fXbmn19 https://ibb.co/166F8QR https://ibb.co/D95Qc9V https://ibb.co/xjhdXDZ https://ibb.co/k3QDgPq https://ibb.co/r7wBmrj https://ibb.co/nPYdKJn https://ibb.co/cLPhvW6

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 17 August 2021


https://ibb.co/HPC6D4S https://ibb.co/8DPF7YC https://ibb.co/VDQWYKG https://ibb.co/Qn9pbF1

https://ibb.co/51dXYvS https://ibb.co/yqrPh34 https://ibb.co/tcdL92B https://ibb.co/wKz5X1x https://ibb.co/dMhP7Sp https://ibb.co/qCmCKJS https://ibb.co/5RQtSrp https://ibb.co/drTqzML https://ibb.co/HzrVRy8 https://ibb.co/NxrTQnC https://ibb.co/NTHvC39 https://ibb.co/qpC8yX5

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 16 August 2021


https://ibb.co/SfV7gGG https://ibb.co/B6xm96v https://ibb.co/VtfBNSw https://ibb.co/xMCvK24 https://ibb.co/x6QhQtV https://ibb.co/GC751kj https://ibb.co/DGJHTnb https://ibb.co/JsGQMtZ https://ibb.co/BN287fj https://ibb.co/37405Qj https://ibb.co/KDnn3DY https://ibb.co/9T9vfm4 https://ibb.co/Vp4DFGQ https://ibb.co/gSYYYqf https://ibb.co/NVrzcSy https://ibb.co/fNT36Jk https://ibb.co/ZLKT4Hb https://ibb.co/yYH5W6K https://ibb.co/5hNF432 https://ibb.co/nPWhk4S https://ibb.co/NsH5thz https://ibb.co/Y8xNzX0 https://ibb.co/JmbKjnq https://ibb.co/ncdyMJh https://ibb.co/c3jrXRL

https://ibb.co/CHj5h93 https://ibb.co/fQ0p9tg https://ibb.co/CsjRcV0 https://ibb.co/zsnLzXK https://ibb.co/hs8WT5C https://ibb.co/88vjb1D https://ibb.co/9NHV298 https://ibb.co…

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Pilliager Pilliager 3 August 2021

InfoCharacter Changes

Hello! the user Unknown43 asked me to if we could make changes to the template InfoCharacter, so I thought the community should decide, please vote in this poll for the New or old version: here

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