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Bishop Garrigan High School is an all-boys high school, which has maroon and gold as the official colors for the required school uniform. The school makes its only appearance in the online book.

During church, Frank Heffley walks into his boss, Mr. Swann, who praised the school and telling him that his son attends there, brewing Frank's interest in sending Greg there.[1]

Greg hears his father talking about sending him to Bishop Garrigan High School again. He hopes being a goalie on the soccer team could get him out of Bishop Garrigan High School, as they don't have a soccer team.[2]

After being mocked by his coworkers on his son's "Ants in his pants" incident, Frank left a message to the admissions department for Bishop Garrigan High School which wasn't returned due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Greg would later find out which tampered his holiday.[3]

Online book408

Later, the Admission Department left a voicemail for Frank which was deleted by Greg before Frank can get to it.[4] Frank was planning on enrolling Greg at the school for high school, but one night, when he was about to take Greg to the open-house for Bishop Garrigan High School one night in late-January, Bill Walter had to move his van so Frank and Greg could leave. However, after Bill moved the van and noticed that Frank was holding a folder for Bishop Garrigan High School, Bill revealed that he's actually a former student at the school.

Frank was so shocked by what Bill said that he ultimately decided not to enroll Greg at the school. Greg claims that after Bill revealed he went to Bishop Garrigan High School, Frank stood there for at least a minute, like he was paralyzed or something, before go back inside their without saying another word.

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  • Since Bishop Garrigan High School is mentioned to be a boys-only school and is also said to have a required uniform policy (of which the colors are maroon and gold), it's probably safe to assume that it's a private school—even nowadays, most private schools still have required uniform policies and quite a few private schools also still only enroll male or female students.
  • There is an actual school called Bishop Garrigan High School—it's located in Algona, Iowa.
    • Unlike the school of the same name in the online version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the real-life Bishop Garrigan High School is a coed-school (meaning they have both boys and girls) and it also covers middle school in addition to high school.
      • The real-life Bishop Garrigan High School is also a religious private school (specifically Roman Catholic), but it's also possible that the Bishop Garrigan High School in the online version is also a religious private school.
      • Jeff Kinney attended a school in Maryland named Bishop McNamara High School.