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This unnamed woman is the grandmother of Bill Walter who currently lives in her basement due to moving out of his parents house for unknown reasons. She makes her debut in Diper Överlöde.

When Bill was 10 years old, she took him to see Metallichihuahua's last tour.[1] She also forced Bill to return half of the clothes that he had bought from Goodwill because she was the one who donated them.[2]

Bill asks his gramma if she could extend his fees by a few months to allow Löded Diper enough time to create their first album.[3]

She later calls her grandson to ask him if he'd put his clothes in the dryer. Bill answers despite performing in front of a big crowd at The Headless Chicken which further displeases the crowd.[4]

Bill expresses his thoughts to Rodrick Heffley about quitting Löded Diper so he can spend more time with his gramma.[5]


  • She most likely had Bill's mother or father very young with Bill's parents likely having him very young as well as most people's grandparents are not alive anymore by the time they are 35 years old.