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Morning, Mr. Heffley!
Bill talking to Frank Heffley

William "Bill" Walter is lead singer of Rodrick Heffley's band, Löded Diper, and was also the former lead singer of Stank for a short time. He appears in majority of the series with his latest appearance in the animated film adaption of Rodrick Rules. He is currently in a relationship with Becky and serves as the main antagonist in Diper Överlöde. He is played by Fran Kranz in the book's movie adaptation. Other than singing, he also plays keyboard and guitar.


Bill Walter Teen

Bill in High School.

During his childhood, Bill Walter grew up in Plainview and attended Crossland High School. During his teenage years, he was voted "Most Likely To Be A Rock Star," and like Rodrick, he aspired to achieve worldwide fame as a rock musician. Despite his dreams, Bill's music career didn't materialize as he had hoped. However, during his high school days, fate intervened when he crossed paths with Rodrick, and they quickly became friends. Notably, at the age of 10, Bill had a memorable experience attending a Metallichihuahua concert with his grandmother during the band's final tour.

Fast forward to the events of Rodrick Rules, Bill is now 35 years old and currently unemployed, still residing with his parents. He continues to embrace a youthful mentality, choosing to socialize with teenagers rather than those his own age, who have already settled into their professional lives. In an interesting twist, he eventually moves in to live with his grandmother, as revealed in Diper Överlöde.


Rodrick Rules[]

While on the way to the mall one Saturday, Greg and his dad encounter Bill, who is coming to their house for band rehearsal. Greg says Frank has a strong negative view of Bill, seeing him as a bad influence over his two eldest sons. Greg believes that his father's worst fear is that Rodrick will see Bill as a role model and want to follow in his footsteps. Thus, whenever Frank encounters Bill, it puts him in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

Later, when Rodrick throws a party at his house, he calls and invites Bill, who attends the party.

Bill goes to the Winter Talent Show in the Löded Diper van with Frank, as Rodrick and Susan Heffley had left earlier in the family minivan. He takes the stage with the rest of the band when it is their turn to play. During the performance, Bill flicks his tongue up and down like a rock star, leading Susan, who is recording them, to express her dislike of the act. Afterward, Bill goes to Rodrick's house to watch Susan's videotape of their performance and returns the following night to watch the school's video of it.

Dog Days[]

Bill went with his band last summer to do a show along the wave pool at Slipslide Water Park where the people set up a bubble machine instead of a smoke machine.[2]

Greg mentions Bill first met Rodrick and asks him for a chip as he was camping overnight for concert tickets.[3]

The Ugly Truth[]

He appears in a photo when Rodrick puts chips on him.

Wrecking Ball[]

Bill is pictured when Rodrick thought the builders were going to use a wrecking ball to smash through the wall to connect it to the extension and that he could do a music video with his band when it happened. However, when Bill and the rest of Löded Diper got there, they realized the builders had already opened the wall with a power saw.[4]

Later Bill appears when Susan let Rodrick and his bandmates play on the back deck during the moving party.[5]

Diper Överlöde[]

When Bill was 10 years old, his grandmother took him to Metallichihuahua's last tour, which he brags to Rodrick ever since.[6]

Diper Överlöde16.2

When Bill and his bandmates went to Goodwill, Bill put together an outfit that he thought looked like the lead singer of a rock band. But he was forced to return half of the clothes that he had bought because they were donated by his grandmother. When the band orders rock star costumes, Bill tried them on, but Greg hopes he wears pants underneath because they only cover the front of his body.[7]

Bill entered in the Hands on a Van contest and was so determined to win the van that he kept both his hands on the van, which meant Greg had to feed him. Towards the end of the competition, Bill and Rodrick were about to quit until a lady who looked like could go on for days got out.

Bill hiding in the van

That's when Rodrick and Bill started arguing about who should keep the van. Bill argues the van should belong to him because he never owned his own vehicle which made them both more stubborn than ever. Eventually, Bill agreed to a compromise where he could use it whenever the band didn't need it. They took their hands off of the van to shake on it but because there was still one guy left, both got out.[8]

One day during Löded Diper's attempts at going big on social media, Mackie recorded Bill dropping a speaker on his foot. The clip was posted as a joke and became the most popular.[9] Bill suggested the band should create a video of them playing music while skydiving in the air to mimic Metallichihuahua's viral video called Dog Eat Dog. But Mackie has a fear of heights, so Bill's idea was scraped. [10]

As Löded Diper plans to record their first music video in a professional studio, Bill asked his grandma if she could extend his rent to provide Löded Diper with enough money for a session.[11]

Diper Överlöde54

Out of the 50-plus songs, Bill wanted Can You Smell Us Now to be the first song they record but this lures him into conflicts with Drew as he disliked the line "We're leaking through your speakers like a chocolate cow." They had to be separated but this didn't stop their argument which then becomes a distraction that led to Mackie dropping a pick into an acoustic guitar. Drew eventually got the pick out, but it fell right into Bill's throat causing alarm amongst the members. Mackie quickly performs first-aid, and the pick was dislodged from Bill's throat. But Rodrick didn't give Bill time to recover, and his throat suffered through the first lines of Diper Överlöde's recording. Bill's throat only recovered after someone gave him a glass of water and the band went through the rest of the song without issues.[12]

Diper Överlöde66.2

The band was disappointed about their progress in getting their music out in public. Bill said they needed a commercial approach since many commercials contain music. And if they're lucky, they could have their pictures on some products. Though, Greg bets Bill was eager to get his face on some late bloomers.[13]

As Löded Diper was undergoing their operation of climbing up a building to play a concert on top of the roof, Bill quickly grew tired and asked Rodrick if they could bail and look for another building. But Rodrick ignored Bill's suggestion, and they continued on.[14]

But since their plan was never put into action, Bill suggested an alternative stunt: dropping a giant diaper from the top of a skyscraper but the band had no resources to get a diaper that big nor do they want to climb up the stairs again. Drew said they could just do the same thing except decreasing the scale of their stunt.[15]

Eventually, they were invited to play at the Headless Chicken and Bill wanted to get some laser projectors for their setup though his idea was shut down because Drew believes they were dangerous. [16] Most of their ideas were either too expensive or just unrealistic until Bill said they could blast out their entrance out of a porta-potty.[17] On the day of their gig, Greg, who was responsible for unloading the band's equipment, forgot to bring Rodrick's drumsticks so Rodrick came up with a plan which was to borrow a set of drumsticks from one of the animatronics at Hipp 'O' Henry's.

Diper Överlöde100

He got Bill to act as Greg's father to remove any suspensions but the security guard quickly felt something was odd about the pair almost immediately. Bill did his best to play his role however they were drawn away from their mission after he bought some tokens. Bill was disappointed that he didn't have enough tickets for a lava lamp and so he continued to spend more money on Skee-Ball. They finally got back on track after they sat down and ordered pizza. They waited for a scene to ensue then they snuck behind the curtains with Bill leading the way with his flashlight on his phone. Though they quickly aborted the mission after waking up the animatronics, Bill did manage to snag a drumstick.[18]

Out of the band, Bill was the rustiest shown during their Headless Chicken performance. Bill couldn't recall most of the lyrics to their song and had to read it off his phone. Furthermore, his poor eyesight made it difficult to the read lines and Greg says it might be time for some reading glasses. Added to Löded Diper's dull performance was a call from his grandma in the middle of the song. Bill apparently didn't like to keep her on hold, further contributing to an unhappy crowd. They persisted to throw wings at the band and some Buffalo sauce gets into Bill's eyes which prevented him from reading the lyrics off his phone. [19]

But the band would find more success after their gig at a religious party that triggered a chain reaction of gigs lined up. Bill even got to judge in a contest on the ugliest dog in the state.[20] They were later invited to play at the Rock 'N' Rowdy festival which was an outdoor event where many bands play in front of people. This was huge news to the band as they have attended the event for years. However, their income will be troublesome to handle as they won't get paid much so the band plans on selling merch. Bill wanted to make a comforter set for their older audience.[21] Rodrick also suggested a product made with their hair, but Bill wasn't too interested in losing his hair.[22]

Regardless, the event proved to be demotivating so the band decided to track down Sebastian Sleeves though, they had to figure out how they will get into his property as it was surrounded by walls. Bill's idea was to wait for Sebastian to open the gate and then shove him in a bag that they will toss in their truck. But none of the guys was sure if it was legal. [23] Sebastian did let them in only on the condition that they clean up his pool while he ate his food.

Diper Överlöde160

Sebastian told them there was no way they will make it big in the music industry and that they should just focus on their education. The next day Bill was considering quitting the band because of what Sebastian said and wanting to have more time to hang out with his grandma. But Rodrick's speech made Bill reconsider so much so that he believes Löded Diper could one-day rival Metallichihuahua's popularity.[24] Bill even thinks Löded Diper could have their own theme park called DiperLand and a giant robot baby that would destroy their whole set at the end of every show. [25]

Diper Överlöde171.2

On their way to spy Stank, Bill sings along with the big crowd of Stankers which irritated Rodrick considering that they were one of their opponents at the Battle of the Bands. In contrast with the rest of Löded Diper, Bill was the only one who enjoyed the show and even walked out with some Stank merchandise.[26]

But Bill was only starting to become a problem for Rodrick as he wasn't able to adapt to Löded Diper's new schedule after seeing how big of a threat Stank is. He has been putting him on a diet and overworking him however Bill has been going to Huneybuns before practice. Initially, he was only there for the food and coffee however things changed when he met the assistant manager, Becky. They quickly become in love which was a problem as Bill wanted to hang out with Becky after her shift. Rodrick decided to allow Becky over during practice, but his decision quickly proved to be problematic as Bill started to write his songs just for her. Rodrick creates a new rule that disallows any of them to date until after the Battle of the Bands. Bill wasn't happy about it but he did agree to put his relationship on hold for now though he made Greg tell her the news. Bill quickly changes his mind when Becky wouldn't respond to any of his attempts at getting her back. Bill was heartbroken and wouldn't stop having breakdowns during practice. All of this got the band enraged at Rodrick, dissolving the band after they received a Cease-and-Desist letter from Taylor and Frisch.[27]

Diper Överlöde204

However, Bill hasn't quit the music industry entirely since Bill joined Stank only a few days later, likely only agreeing if Becky also came with him. Before the Battle of the Bands, Bill and his new bandmates stank themselves up as implied by their name. Bill was swarmed by music journalists however he refused to talk in order to save it for his big performance. They started off with Bill playing a slow tune song but quickly jumps into a full metal speed version of the song, "Becky." Despite their performance, Stank lost to the reunion of Metallichihuahua which quickly tore the place down. As a result, Stank fired Bill but luckily for him, he decided to rejoin Löded Diper once more, now being not only the singer, but also the only guitarist after both Drew and Mackie left, which means Löded Diper continues as a duo.[28]

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid[]

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid16.2

Bill is pictured when Rowley talks about how his parents doesn't let him come over to Greg's house anytime Löded Diper has practice due to the band's use of language in their songs.[29]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010 film)[]

Bill has a cameo in the end credits.

Rodrick Rules (2011 film)[]

He appears for the first time alongside Rodrick Heffley at the Rocket Rollers Roller Rink, where he works as a DJ. Later, he meets up with Rodrick one evening at the Heffley home, where he invites himself to dinner. He tells Rodrick and Greg that being a major rock star is a little tough, due to the lack of home-cooked meals on the roads. However, he proceeds to make note of the female fans and the parties. Susan Heffley shows a favorable attitude when Bill decides to join the band, although Frank is unimpressed.

When Rodrick gets banned from playing in the talent show as part of his punishment for throwing a party, he tells his parents that Bill had just joined the band. However, his father replies that it does not help to mention Bill and proceeds to call Bill a jerk. This may have been to express his negative attitude towards Bill, but it proved to be true when Bill replaced Rodrick with another drummer and planned to perform without him, despite Rodrick being the one that started the band. During a guitar solo, Rodrick kicks Bill out of the band.


When Frank was giving Greg a ride to soccer practice, they met Bill on the way who greets him. Bill also owns the Löded Diper van which Greg bets is misspelled unintentionally and is another reason why Bill was invited to the band.[30]

During one of the band practices Greg says Bill would yell out “Rock and Roll” or something similar as he describes Löded Diper's music.[31]


  • Bill Walter makes an animated cameo in the credits of the first film, even though he joins Loded Diper in the second film.
  • In the film, Bill was kicked out of the band, but in the book series he still performs with Loded Diper.
  • Bill Walter pretends to be Greg's Father in Hipp 'O' Henry's in order to get the drumsticks from the animatronic monkey which is ironic due to Frank Heffley's aforementioned negative view of him.
  • In The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary, Jeff Kinney refers to Bill as a 'talentless airhead'.
  • In the feature film, Rodrick Rules, his hairstyle strongly resembles that of Kurt Cobain, which alludes to and compliments his passion for rock.




Dog Days[]

Wrecking Ball[]

Diper Överlöde[]

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid[]

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]

Rodrick Rules[]


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