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Bertrand Winsky is the faculty advisory of the Safety Patrol. He appears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, both print and online, and its film adaptation. He is played by Rob LaBelle In the film


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

When Greg Heffley finds out that there are openings for the school's Safety Patrol, he and Rowley Jefferson go down to Mr. Winsky's office, where he hands them their belts and badges on the spot. He informs them of their assignment, which is to walk some kindergartners from the elementary school home in the middle of the day.[1]

Weeks later, when Rowley is mistakenly blamed for terrorizing the kindergartners, Mr. Winsky calls him down to his office and yells at him for ten minutes. He suspends him from Safety Patrols for a week and accompanies him to the kindergarten to apologize to the kids.[2]

After finding out from an anonymous source that it was actually Greg who chased the kindergartners, he kicks him out of Safety Patrols and reinstates Rowley, who is also promoted to captain for "exhibiting dignity under false suspicion." [3]


  • Mr. Winsky's first name is not shown in any of the books, and is only revealed to be Bertrand in the movie.
  • In the first film, Mr. Winsky quotes the line “With great power comes great responsibility” popularized by the Spider-Man comics and films.
  • Though the Safety Patrol later appears in The Meltdown, Mr. Winsky isn't seen or mentioned in the book, so it's unknown if he's still the advisor for the program during this time.
  • He strongly resembles Mr. Ira in the online version.




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