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Berry Bonanza is a fruit juice item at the Local Grocery Store that appears in Big Shot.[1][2]

When Greg fills up his shopping cart with a bunch of junk food, Susan picks out each item and explains why it isn't healthy. Among these items is Berry Bonanza. Susan picks up the carton of Berry Bonanza, saying that it's full of sugar, and has no nutritional value whatsoever. Greg states he believes Susan is wrong, citing that it surely has to be healthy. because of there being fruits on the label, along with the name having the word "Berry" in it. However, Susan then shows Greg the label, which shows that it 'contains no actual fruit juice'. After hearing this, Greg states that he can't believe the manufacturers can get away with labeling their products so misleadingly.

A lot of advertisements for the beverage are also shown in Larry Mack Junior Middle School, as the brand has made sponsorship deals with the school, having put up some posters promoting the product.


  • Berry Bonanza fits the stereotypical junk food product - lots of advertisement, very misleading, and not nutritious.
  • Berry Bonanza is mostly likely made with artificial flavorings and colors, which is common in many drink products.
  • The brand of drink is shown to be very successful, as many other facilities agree to advertise the product.




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