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Benjy is the son of Aunt Patricia and Uncle Tony and Greg Heffley's third cousin. He wears a diaper and has three strands of hair like Greg and Manny Heffley.


The Ugly Truth[]

Benjy and his parents went over to Gammie's house to attend Gary Heffley's fourth wedding. The last time Greg saw Benjy, he could only say two words: "no" and "shut up" but now can speak in full sentences, something that his parents brag about despite not being potty trained, and as a result didn't impress Greg.[1]

Later on, Greg tries to switch his assistant flower boy duties to Benjy, as Benjy was the reader of the wedding that year, but Susan wouldn't allow the switch to happen.[2]

The Wimpy Do-It-Yourself Book[]

In "Have you ever change a diaper?" Benjy makes an appearance where he asks Greg if he could change his diaper.[3]


  • Estimating illustrations of him, Benjy is most likely between 2' 8" (81.28 cm) and 2' 9" (83.82 cm) tall. However, this is only conjecture, as his height has never been stated definitively within the series.



The Ugly Truth[]

Do-It-Yourself Book[]