Ben Segal
Name Ben Segal
Age 17-19
Gender Male.png
Actor Bryce Hodgson
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? No

Ben Segal is one of Rodrick's friends in the movie version of Rodrick Rules. He is also the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Löded Diper. He only appeared in the Rodrick Rules and Dog Days film adaptions.


Rodrick Rules (film)

Ben was invited to Rodrick Heffley's party where he said that Rachel and Melissa were not enjoying the party. After he told Rodrick to ask them to dance, Rowley Jefferson came along and danced with Rachel

Ben went to peform at the talent show playing along with Löded Diper. Unknown to him, the audience did not like the song the band was singing. And were only dancing because Susan Heffley was doing weird dancing at the side of the stage.

Dog Days (film)

Löded Diper was hired to play at Heather Hills' Sweet Sixteen. Rodrick asked him if they could swap roles as Rodrick wanted to impress Heather.


  • He might have a crush on Rachel Louis as in the conga line at Rodrick's party, he says he will sqeeze in next to Rachel.


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