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Ben Fielders is Greg Heffley's former best friend and the main antagonist in the online book. He breaks up with him after moving away to Piscataway. [1]

In fourth grade, Ben and Greg decided to troll Chirag Gupta by making him think he's deaf.[2] Ben and Greg formed a comedy team in fifth grade, which made them popular among many kids.[3] They also had sleepovers, but Manny Heffley ruined all of them.

Greg and his family went to church where Ben and his family were sitting in the front. Ann Heffley would make sure they didn't sit near each other because Greg and Ben will always be goofing around with each other like saying "Peas be with you". One time Ann warns them, and they behaved for a while until Ben handed Greg a few dried peas and totally looses it which caused the separation.[4]

At St. Patrick's Ben sits next to Piper Matthews which Greg finds annoying as he speculates that Ben is telling Piper jokes stolen from Greg who plans to get revenge if so.[5]

Greg recalls the last sleepover with Ben got ruined because Manny snuck under Ben's sleeping bag while he was sleeping with only his Spider-Man Underoos.[6]

After moving away, he returns and even tells Greg about an embarrassing thing that happened to Piper Matthews, but it turned out to be a lie, and he just said them to get Greg away from her, because she is shown as his girlfriend, so in revenge, Greg gets him in trouble by saying something bad that he and Ben did together at the church.


  • His last name is Fielders, but Greg mentioned him as Ben Fielder to Father Shea.
  • It's unknown how Piper became his girlfriend, it's possible he impressed her with his jokes.
  • He betrayed Greg to be with Piper Matthews, hence going from being Greg's best friend to his worst enemy.
  • Although Greg admitted to the reader that Ben didn't really commit the act, Ben probably got in trouble after Greg said the thing about the curse word at the church confession.
  • A lot of his personal traits (like being comical) and events involving him (such as sleepovers being ruined) were giving to Rowley in the books, such as Holly preferring Rowley to Greg.
  • He is the very first antagonist of the whole series.