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Becky is the assistant manager of Huneybuns and the girlfriend of Bill Walter and appears in Diper Överlöde.


On a rainy day, Becky came face-to-face with Bill, who had climbed through the pickup window after his ice cream truck got stuck under the overhang. They formed a relationship and started dating.

Diper Överlöde176

When Rodrick Heffley found out that Bill was cheating on his new diet plan, Bill confessed his primary reason for stopping at Huneybuns was to hang out with Becky. He tells Rodrick that he can't practice two times a day as he wants to spend time with Becky in the evenings. Rodrick understood Bill's position, so he allowed him to invite her over to practice.

Diper Överlöde183

At first, Becky didn't do anything other than bringing in leftover donuts. But as she becomes more comfortable, she becomes more suggestive about making the band more girly even going as far as to change some of the lyrics. Their relationship becomes more of an issue when Bill starts to write his own songs just for her. Then when Becky started telling Bill that he was the star of Löded Diper, Rodrick made a new rule that disallows anyone from dating until the competition is over. Bill wasn't too happy about the new rule but he agreed to it and so he made Greg Heffley break the news to her. However Becky stopped taking his calls and his orders which causes Bill to have multiple breakdowns during practice and a blowup between Rodrick and his other bandmates.[1]

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Bill and Becky got back together shortly after and joined Stank as a package deal. Stank even let Becky create one of their posters.[2]

When the Battle of the Bands came around, Becky managed to mass produce bobbleheads of Bill and was selling it along with Stank merch at a table near the entrance.[3] Stank came on stage to perform their song, "Becky" and Becky started tossing donuts into the audience during the performance.[4]


  • It's unknown if Becky and Bill are still dating after Bill got fired from Stank and ultimately returned to Löded Diper as their lead singer. Since Rodrick mentioned that he wouldn't allow any dating before the competition, he might've come to accept Bill's relationship with Becky now that the competition was finally over (assuming that Becky didn't end up breaking up with Bill).




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