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Baylee Anthony is the prettiest girl in Greg Heffley's grade. She appears in The Third Wheel.[1]

During the square dancing unit in gym class the year before, she wrote in Bryce Anderson as her dance partner, just like every other girl in the class. Bryce ended up choosing McKenzie Pollard as his partner, and Baylee was paired with Greg Heffley because he'd chosen her. While Greg was initially excited about the pairing, it resulted in Baylee complaining over the next three weeks that she didn't choose him.

Greg assumes that she doesn't want a repeat of that happening, as he sees her going around to all of the boys who don't have a chance with her, telling them not to write her name down.


  • It's possible that Baylee Anthony has or once had a boyfriend at some point in the past, as Greg Heffley states in The Last Straw that the three most beautiful girls in his grade all have boyfriends, which would've included Baylee.
  • She is Identical in appearance to Olivia Heath.




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