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Battle of the Bands is a competition held between multiple bands that takes place every year. The event plays a major role in Diper Överlöde.

Löded Diper plans to become successful with the aim of winning the Battle of the Bands, the same way Metallichihuahua became popular.[1]

Another band, Stank posed a major threat to Löded Diper's chance of victory so after attending one of their concerts, Rodrick Heffley forced his band into overboard.[2] Rodrick's determination ultimately torn his band apart as all his members leaves even with Bill Walter joining Stank. On the day of the competition, Löded Diper consisted of Rodrick with Drew's brother, Greg Heffley, and Ward who were far less experienced than the former band members. Nonetheless, Rodrick lead his band into the competition where they encountered their enemies. At the entrance, there were tables selling merchandise most notably Becky and Warwick Sprinter.

Diper Överlöde199

While waiting behind stage for their turn, Greg says there were at least a thousand people in the crowd cheering before the first band even came up on stage. Many of the bands scored massive points as they were very professional however, none of them were able to top Stank who had Bill play a slow fake-out song before the rest of the band came in and launched into a speed metal version of "Becky." Greg believed that Stank had secured the competition and with Löded Diper next, victory seems dim. Despite his new bandmates not even knowing how to play their instruments, Rodrick wasn't giving up and played the intro into

"Diper Överlöde."

Diper Överlöde209.2

Bizarrely, Greg and his bandmates sounded way better than their practice session and it's because Rodrick had plugged his music player into the speakers to play the original recording back in the recording studio. But Rodrick had accidentally played the version that included Bill getting a guitar stuck in his windpipe and the audience started booing. But then Stewart Taylor Jr. delivers a legal letter to Rodrick which lead to Wayne Barnes, Sebastian Sleeves, and Warwick Sprinter stepping on stage to argue with each other. The crowd goes berserk after realizing the people on stage were the former members of Metallichihuahua. The guys decided to reform and perform with Löded Diper's equipment, destroying them at the end. This gave Metallichihuahua their second victory being the first band to do so.[3]




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