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The Battle of Surrey Street (so named in this wiki) was a conflict spanning two days that occurred between the Lower and Upper Surrey Street kids, later becoming a free-for-all with the Safety Patrol and the Whirley Street kids, ending with everyone against the Mingos. The conflict appeared in The Meltdown. In the end there where many traitors from all sides.

The Battle[]


Prior to the battle, there were tensions between the Lower Surrey Street and Upper Surrey Street kids, not to mention the fact that the Safety Patrol and Lower Surrey Street kids were constantly harassing each other.

One day, Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson built an igloo as a way to stay warm outside. The igloo had no opening, forcing Greg and Rowley to burst a hole at the top to breathe. This however made them open for an onslaught of snowballs. After running away, Greg asked his mom to yell at the kids, only for her to tell him that "learning to deal with conflict is just a part of growing up". Greg's dad, however, claimed that the kids declared war upon him and Rowley, and they must fight back.

After talking to his father, Greg and Rowley get the idea to build a fort of their own, complete with a flag (which ends up as a dead wolf with an axe lodged into its head). When they had finished their flag, the place of the former igloo was empty, giving Greg and Rowley ample time to build up a fort. By the time the fort was finished, people were firing at it from every direction. After running back home, Greg's father states that the fort had to be on high ground, so that it would be easier fighting back. After a lecture on castle warfare, Greg gets an idea.

After studying medieval tactics for an entire night, Greg and Rowley head to Mitchell Pickett, the neighborhood's seller of snowball fight equipment. There, they purchase 2 dozen premade snowballs and a snowball launcher.

Clan battles[]

Mitchell Picket's store 2

Coming back to the empty lot, on which the igloo was located, Greg noticed that there are multiple forts located across the lot, most of which had their own flag. Upon getting closer, Greg and Rowley are attacked. Greg notes that there is no way to build a fort without being an easy target, meaning he must take over someone else's fort.

Greg finds an empty fort located on top of a mound, and believes its the perfect spot. Once he and Rowley enter the fort, Greg notices that there is someone already in there: Baby Gibson. Together, they fought-off other attackers. However, Mrs. Jimenez's preschoolers digging their way inside, coupled with the Marlee sisters forming a sneak attack, caused the fort to crumble, sending Greg, Rowley, and Gibson onto the battlefield, which has devolved into total madness.

The battle was temporarily paused when Joe O'Rourke was hit in the face by an ice ball which knocked out a few of his front teeth. Afterwards, a clan meeting was held to decide on some rules. There, the decision to ban ice balls and yellow snow was made, along with the act of putting snow in someone's hat and putting it back on their head.

Behind the Upper Surrey Street kids' backs, the Lower Surrey Street kids started using Upper Surrey Street as a sledding hill. The Upper Surrey Street kids, upon realizing this, settle their differences and declare war on the Lower Surrey Street kids.

Battle against the Lower Surrey Street Kids[]

Upper Surrey Street Kids attacking Lower Surrey Street Kids in the fort with snowballs

The Upper Surrey Street kids build a wall to stop the Lower Street Kids from using their hill as a sledding hill.

The first decision made by the Upper Surrey Street Kids was to build a wall. The wall itself had two layers, meaning if one part of the wall was destroyed, another part will still be there. Additionally, a group of homeschoolers went out to get icicles for the wall, the duplex kids built snowmen to give the illusion of more manpower, and Rowley went to make hot chocolate to use if someone climbs onto the wall.

Once the Lower Surrey Street kids reached the wall, they had no idea how to get past it. This created an opening for the Upper Surrey Street kids to open fire on the opposing faction, successfully repelling them. After a few minutes, the Lower Surrey Street kids return, this time with sports equipment perfect for deflecting snowballs.

The Upper kids released a volley of snowballs, which had little effect on the armored Lower kids, who were in a defensive position, shields held high. The Lower Surrey Street kids retaliated with Sloppy Specials, implying that Mitchell was playing both sides of the war. The Sloppy Specials were simply just a distraction for the real attack: the Lower kids climbing onto the wall.

Rowley arrived at the nick of time with the hot cocoa, which a few kids poured onto the ladder-troops. Due to Rowley forgetting to put hot water into the mix, all the hot cocoa did was merely annoy the troops. Luckily, Speed Bump and Latricia Hooks came in, dumping trash cans full of slush onto the climbers.

Cans of slush-0

Speed Bump and Latricia Hooks are dumping trash can containing slush onto the Lower Surrey Street kids who attempt to climb up the Upper Surrey Street kids' snow fort.

Shortly after, a group of footballers rushed towards the wall, breaking it down with sheer force. The wall help up, and the footballers left exhausted. It seemed like a victory for the Upper Street Kids. However, The Lower Street Kids moved onto their next strategy: have a break and wait for the Upper Surrey Street kids to tire out, then attack from there. Greg, who was spying from his spot on the wall, notices that the opposing team were fueling up.

Eventually, some of the Upper street kids got so dehydrated, they began sucking on the snowballs. Once everyone else caught wind of this, Anthony Denard was given the role of guarding the remaining ammunition.

Soon after, Jacob Hoff claimed that he needed to go to his 6:00 pm clarinet lessons, or else his parents would be mad. Jacob also promised that once he came back, he would bring food for this side. After being safely escorted to his home, it was revealed it was just a trick to get out of the battle.

Paper aeroplanes with notes-0


Afterwards, The Lower Surrey Street kids sent paper airplanes across the wall, promising the Upper street kids they would leave the battle unharmed if they surrender. The notes caused some of the younger children to break down, including Baby Gibson.

A bit after, a kid came running to the base. It was Trevor Nix, who had moved from the hill part of Surrey Street to the bottom. Trevor revealed that he was being held captive, but he escaped. According to him, the Lower Street Kids were in the Guzman's yard, creating snowballs, among other nasty ammunition. The Upper street kids thanked Trevor for the heads up, and allowed him to sled any time he liked.

Led by Gibson, half of the Upper Street Kids prepared to attack the Guzman's yard in the dark, where the supposed yellow snowballs were being made. They were sure they saw people making and re-shaping snowballs there, so Gibson gave the signal to throw a barrage of snowballs. But they didn't flinch. They were decoys. The Upper Street Kids tried to get back, but it was too late.

The wall came crashing down upon the land. The fleeing Upper Surrey Street kids weren't going down without a fight and began standing their own ground. Sadly, it looked bleak for the Upper Surrey Street kids.

Final stages of the battle and the Mingo Attack[]

Soon after, the Safety Patrol came. The Upper Surrey Street kids thought they were coming to help them. But it was a Sunday, which was a free day for them and after they shot their snowballs, The Upper Surrey Street kids knew a new combatant joined. The Whirley Street kids from up the hill came too. They were at the 13th hole (A legendary ski jump at the Country Club that Surrey and Whirley street fought over) and were kicked off by the club, they were back to sled on Upper Surrey Street. And they joined the fight too.


Everyone fights and battles as it is a total free for all

But then, the Mingo kids arrived, and they were angry. They wanted back the belt buckle that Greg had taken in exchange for his Mitten Puppet, Mr. Morsels, which was left at their camp, which was discovered by Greg earlier.

They joined the fight. At this point, everyone united and turned to face the Mingos. An all-out war broke out, with Greg and Rowley fleeing. They hid in an arched piece of wall, which acted as shelter. They were scared and thought they would be trapped under the snow.

But, the snowplow driver found his way, plowing through snow and kids, not caring at all. At that point, everyone was exhausted so they ended the fight and went home.

The Aftermath[]

The aftermath of the snowball fight after the street plowed

The aftermath of the snowball fight

It is unclear who won the battle as after the snowplow arrived, everyone went home. Trevor Nix was accepted into Lower Surrey Street due to him helping them against the Upper Surrey Street kids. Mitchell Picket, who had been playing both sides of the war by supplying snowballs and other things to both Upper and Lower Surrey Street kids, used his money to buy a snowmobile. Pervis Gentry was never seen again by anyone after he fled the wall. However, the conflicts between all sides still remain.


  • This was the first recorded battle in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.
  • The situation does have similarities to previous medieval wars, which even Jeff Kinney admits by making Greg study medieval warfare.
  • Many kids in the neighborhood were mentioned, but they were all new and no older neighborhood characters were mentioned apart from Greg, Rowley, and Fregley.
  • The hats featured in the book were different from the ones in Cabin Fever. The fluff on top of Rowley's hat seems less detailed in The Meltdown than in Cabin Fever.
  • Many fans compared this fight to the final fight in Avengers: Endgame, due to both of them being high stakes.
  • At least 300 kids have been counted in the battle, which seems unlikely and they might be kids from other neighborhoods.
  • Greg admits he was a coward near the end of the battle, which is a large break in character, compared to other books.
  • It is unknown what happened to Pervis Gentry.
  • Some Upper Surrey Street characters are seen at the party in Wrecking Ball.