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Bampy the Brave is the grandfather of Roland the Kind, the father of Roland's dad and the father-in-law of Roland's mom. He is an imaginary character created by Rowley Jefferson who is based on Grandpa Jefferson. He was a brave warrior who went on dangerous journeys that includes fighting dragons, and trolls, turning into a ghost at the end of his life. However he often didn't wear his helmet, leading to head injuries. He appears in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure.


Bampy as a child was most likely a farmer helping his family, and didn't get an education as school wasn't a thing yet. Eventually, he went on long adventures that includes fighting dragons and trolls. He was never the same after returning home and in some of his adventures, he didn't wear a helmet and got hit in the head serval times. One day, he went through the Tangled Forest where he drove his sword into a rock and was never heard from again thus turning into a ghost. His legendary tale remains in a book where his grandson, Roland would read on a daily basis and giving him the inspiration to go on a dangerous journey to save his mom.

Later on in Roland's journey, he and his gang was following some footprints left behind by Shae'Vana that leads into a corn maze where they were lost. Roland, don't know on what to do, closed his eye then ask Bampy for help. Unexpectedly, the ghost of Bampy appears then leads the way out of the maze for them then vanishes.


Bampy is based on Rowley's real grandpa, Grandpa Jefferson, who was also called "Bampy." Greg didn't have much to say about Bampy except for the part where Roland asks the ghost of Bampy for help to which he finds it weird.


  • He got his name from what Rowley used to call his real grandpa, “Bampy”.