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Baby Gibson, also known as Gibson, is a male resident of Upper Surrey Street who appeared in The Meltdown and Wrecking Ball.


The Meltdown

While it is known that he is under the guardianship of his grandmother, his parents remain unidentified. One intriguing aspect about Gibson is that nobody seems to know his exact age, as he never seems to get older, leading to speculation about his true age. Greg speculates that Gibson is likely in his 30s and might even have children of his own. Later, during the Battle of Surrey Street, the Lower Surrey Street kids launch paper airplanes with notes written in them. Baby Gibson seemed shaken when he saw the note and that's how we know he can read.

Wrecking Ball

In Wrecking Ball, Gibson makes a cameo appearance at the Heffleys' moving party, suggesting a possible friendship with Susan or Frank Heffley.


  • It's possible that Baby Gibson has dwarfism or growth hormone deficiency, but this is not yet confirmed.
  • Greg's comments about how Gibson never seems to get any older no matter how much time passes could be a reference to the series' floating timeline.




  1. Since he can read, Baby Gibson is most likely 2 years old at minimum, as that is the earliest age at which children typically begin to recognize words.