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Aunt Veronica is the middle-aged sister of Susan Heffley and her other sisters and the aunt of Manny, Rodrick, and Greg Heffley. She hasn't appeared at a family event in person since Greg was four and often appears in video conferences. She only appears in Hard Luck.


She first appears when Greg lists his aunts, she can be seen as the 3rd aunt on the list. When Greg started talking about her, he says he hadn't seen her in the flesh since he was four and only by video conferences. One time, there was an outdoor wedding, and she can be seen playing video games on a video conference. It seems like family events stresses her out and that's why she doesn't come to family visits. Later, she can be seen on a tablet held by a man asking him if he had checked in the bush during a search for Meemaw's lost ring. She makes her last appearance when Greg was playing on his new cell phone in the bathroom where she got in a video chat with him causing Greg to drop his phone in the toilet.


  • She is similar to Uncle Lawrence in the fact that both appear in family functions via webcam, though Lawrence does so because he is always traveling, while Veronica does so due to personal reasons.
  • Veronica could suffer from social anxiety, as she does not appear in person, as according to Greg, being around the family stresses her out.