This is a mandatory look-up article if you are/or are insisting on editing articles on this wiki.

Be alert that this is an incomplete article, meaning that content may be added or removed.


This wiki uses American English as its language. __________________________________________________________________________________________


Articles/Pages are classified into six main categories:

An example will be available on the format of each type of article which you can view by clicking on the links. All of the six main categories contain subcategories; they are listed in the examples.

Other Categories

Information will be added soon.


Information will be added soon.

General Policy

Here is the list of all the guidelines that you must maintain when editing an article:

  • When starting a description of an article, be sure to bold the article name in the first sentence. (Text is a...)
  • A link to an article that is used in an article other than the current one can only be used once.
  • Do not add any content that isn't shown in the examples neither remove any content that is already appropriate to these standards.

A violation(s) of this policy will result in a warning or a block if the user who is responsible for his/her action(s) doesn't stop doing them.

These guidelines were made for a better and efficient way of editing articles. If you would like to add anything to these guidelines or have any questions, please contact Giant Bubbles.

Sincerely, The Administration