Greg Heffley (headshot).jpg
Name Annette
Age 30-50
Gender Female
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

Annette is a hairstylist at the Bombshells Beauty Salon and is Greg Heffley's hairstylist when his mom takes him there to get a haircut. She appears in Dog Days.


Role in Dog Days

Greg mentions that Annette knows the dirt on pretty much everyone in town, which is part of the reason he enjoys his salon experience. Greg's mom picks him up while Annette is in the middle of a story about a man named Mr. Peppers, whose wife is twenty years younger than him.

The next time Greg visits the Bombshells Beauty Salon, Annette tells him that she heard from a woman who knows Linda Jefferson that he and Rowley Jefferson had had a falling out. She says that Rowley is apparently very torn up about it, though Greg doesn't believe that to be true.



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