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Andrea Trotter is the fourth prettiest girl in Greg Heffley's grade according to Greg in Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online) She appears in the online book and later makes an unnamed appearance in Rodrick Rules.


Online Book[]

Near the end of the school year, Greg gets Andrea to sign his yearbook, and she writes that she didn't get to know him but also put 'K.I.T' (keep in touch). When Greg goes over to Rowley Jefferson to brag about it, he finds out that Andrea had also signed Rowley's yearbook and wrote that she hopes they are in the same homeroom next year.

Rodrick Rules[]

In Rodrick Rules, Andrea, now unnamed, goes with some other girls to ask Rowley to tell them more about his vacation to South America, with him replying in the affirmative.


  • Andrea's status as the fourth-prettiest girl in Greg's grade is replaced by Holly Hills in the book series.
  • She looks a lot like the 199th position girl.