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Anders is a human head who is featured in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories.[1] He is kind-hearted and lives a normal life in Elmsford despite his abnormal condition.

Anders was born without a body however it didn't prevent him from living a normal life alike to his classmates; he swiftly made loads of friends and was even elected class president in the fifth grade. However everything changed when he advanced to middle school; there it was required for students progress through different classrooms which was evidently very tricky for Anders as he lacked a body so he was frequently late. Once lunchtime began, Anders was ecstatic as he was exhausted from heading from classroom to classroom and he desperately needed a interval. Anders located the only tables with vacant seats by a student called Gunther who would later convert into the Headless Horseman. This was before he was wicked so once he noticed Anders alone, he instantly summoned him to his table.

They both promptly became best friends with each over and they hanged out after school virtually every day; Anders assisted Gunther with his homework and Gunther assisted him with practically every thing else. Anders and Gunther continued creating loads of content memories with each other up until February rolled around. Everybody at school started being exhilarated about the Valentines Day Dance however Anders and Gunter were too timid to ask anyone out and quickly, everybody was paired up. That all changed the week before Valentines Day as a girl called Prudence switched schools and she was so attractive that the guys already paired up were rueing it. Anders and Gunter were too anxious to ask her out but they ultimately determined to team up to persuade her to head to the dance accompanied by them.

After rehearsing asking her out persistently in front of a mirror, they purchased a bouquet of flowers to convince her and she accepted it. On the night of the dance, Anders put on his Dad's fragrance and Gunther's parents rented him a cape so they'd look striking. Anders, Gunther and Prudence hung out at the refreshments table briefly and Anders told her some jests he practiced which she found amusing. Once the music started cranking, Gunther suddenly started dancing and they amazed everyone by having exceptional dancing moves; this kickstarted the whole party and before long it was in high gear. Anders and Gunther started a conga line however they were inattentive and it ended up disclosing that they were two people. Prudence was irritated at the guys for not being honest but she swiftly forgave them after Anders apologised.

After the Valentines Day Dance, something shifted between Anders and Gunther as they both started brawling for Prudence's attention; Prudence admired the guys for different reasons and she'd hang out with each of them throughout the week. Eventually, Anders started to miss hanging out with Gunther more than Prudence so he permitted him to ask her out. However Prudence ultimately rejected his offer and Gunther was left devastated. Gunther never recovered from his distress and he ultimately transformed into the Headless Horseman who terrifies young couples on Valentines Day. Anders dated Prudence throughout High School up until they transported to colleges in different states. Anders and Prudence reunited after graduating and they both raised a family in Elmsford. Anders became an accountant while Prudence became a veterinarian. While they weren't as prominent as the Headless Horseman, they both made an impact in the town they inhabited in.