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Amazing Guy is a fictional superhero drawn and created by Rowley Jefferson who received his power initially being raised by two loving parents but was later changed to him getting hit by a double rainbow after Greg Heffley thought the original backstory was lame. Amazing Guy's real name is Rowley Jefferson, working as a nurse at an urgent care clinic over a shift ending at 6:00 p.m. where he spends the rest of the day helping people.[1]


Comic 1[]

In the first comic Rowley is seen getting the test result from an x-ray, and he was about to tell his patient it until he sees the signal and leaves the building through the door leaving his patient behind. He mistakes two teenagers as bullies and went and beat them up.

Comic 2[]

In this comic Amazing Guy meets Intergalactic Man and fights him in a 1v1 dual. Intergalactic Man uses ice freeze and laser finger, all of which were blocked by Amazing Guy using rainbow block. Intergalactic Man then uses all his powers injuring Amazing Guy to the point where he uses the power of kindness to defeat Intergalactic Man.


After Susan Heffley made both Greg and Rowley get off of the console, Rowley and Greg decided to make some super hero comics with one of the ideas from Rowley being Amazing Guy. When Rowley first drew him, Greg laughed, since his power is kindness and his goal was to be a role model for kids. The way he obtained his powers at first was being raised by good parents but that was changed to being hit with a double rainbow, as Amazing Guy's secret identity was Rowley Jefferson himself, he can be very helpful to his friends and teachers (including Ms. Beck). Greg and Rowley created a comic about an Amazing Guy. In it, Amazing Guy was working as a doctor and was about to reveal the patient's x-ray but he saw the signal and left the patient then he busted through the wall where he beat up two teens who he thought was bullying the kid but it turns out that they were hanging out (although Greg did all the writing and messed up Rowley's comic). After Greg and Rowley drew a comic about a battle between Amazing Guy and Intergalactic Man, Intergalactic Man finishes off Amazing Guy as his demise, but Amazing Guy then uses the power of kindness to defeat Intergalactic Man in one full blast. After the comic, Rowley will not let Amazing Guy use his full powers of kindness on his enemies next time.


First Comic[]

Amazing Guy VS Intergalactic Man[]


  • He looks the same as Rowley, except he has a mustache.
  • Greg tells Rowley to make him have a mask, so his identity can't be a giveaway. Though, the mask is more covers his whole head and has a face. His newer look bears a resemblance to Finn from Adventure Time.
  • Rowley once got nurse as the future job for him, so maybe this is why Amazing Guy is a nurse.