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Alyssa Grove is a popular girl at Greg Heffley's school who broke up with her boyfriend prior to the Valentine's Day Dance in The Third Wheel.[1]

After hearing about her breakup, Greg Heffley decides to ask her to the dance. He calls her home phone number and doesn't get through, though the answering machine picks up quickly. Greg attempts to leave a message for her but messes up multiple times. Further interfering with him is Rowley Jefferson, whose attempts to stay silent causes Greg to crack up. Eventually, they start goofing off and leaving joke messages, all of which they delete.

Greg later finds out that the messages were only deleted on their machine and not the Grove's when Alyssa's father comes over and tells Frank Heffley that he and Rowley left 20 "prank" messages on his answering machine, and that he'd appreciate it if they never called his house again, causing Greg to abandon his pursuit of Alyssa.


  • It's possible that Alyssa Grove and her family are related to Ms. Grove, as they have the same last name.



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