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Alphabet Groceries was a game from the Family Frolic magazine which appeared in The Long Haul.

Susan Heffley starts the game during their road trip which begins off with Greg Heffley saying "Apple". When it was Manny Heffley's turn, he says the exact fruit as Greg but with a different letter at the beginning which caused Greg to quit. This would turn into "a 30 minute session of Susan and Frank Heffley complimenting Manny for every word he calls out", according to Greg.[1]


A players takes a turn saying an item you can get at the grocery store that starts with the proceeding letter from the last item that was called out. For example, the first player would say apple, then the next would say banana. Gameplay continues until all players but one can't think of an item that starts with their assigned letter.


  • The gag with Manny saying "apple" with different letters at the start has the same concept as a joke (which is very popular in Brazil), in which a teacher asks a student to say the names of 3 body parts that start with "Z", and he says "Zeye (eye)", "Zears (ears)" and "Zrain (brain)", and the teacher says his note starts with "Z" (zero, which would be F in the US), with the student replying that he thinks it's a "zeight" (eight, which would be C or B in the US). However, this is most probably a coincidence.




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