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Alfrendo is a realistic baby doll given to Greg in preparation of taking care of his new brother. It appears in Cabin Fever. According the box Alfrendo can eat food and even grow hair.


Greg first received Alfrendo as practice when Manny was still in his mother's womb. At first, Greg wanted no part in his mother's scheme however he soon finds out other uses for Alfrendo such as a way to dispose of unwanted food and a stand for his comic books. Greg soon grew attached to his doll as it requires him to be responsible.

However, he soon loses Alfrendo fearing that he would be back soon for his sweet revenge, as well as his mother's wrath for losing him. To fool his mother into thinking he had not lost Alfrendo, he took a grapefruit and wrapped it in a cloth and made a face on it. This trick worked until the grapefruit began to rot, revealing Greg's trick with the stench of a rotting fruit however Susan doesn't seem to care about him loosing his doll.

Greg, years later uncovered Alfrendo in the basement after it got flooded from the pile of snow outside. Greg theorizes that his dad threw it out in frustration because he wasn't on part with the whole baby doll idea. He tries to reconnect to Alfrendo again but finds it impossible, due to the damage to the doll rendering it noticeably disturbing in appearance. Later, Manny finds it and has a tea-party with him and other toys after turning off the power circuit to the whole house. Greg later attempts to give him away for the Toy Drive but the police officer couldn't accept "used toys" probably because the damaged appearance of Alfrendo scared them.


Greg finds Alfrendo in the water

Alfrendo has a round head with a string of hair similar to Greg as an infant. He appears almost human-like with black pants and wearing a sleeveless shirt with two buttons.

After Greg recovers Alfrendo he is almost unrecognizable having out-grown hair with an eye missing. His damaged state reveals a robotic-like arm with dust all over his body.


  • Alfrendo is the fourth non-human character which is an object and not an animal, the first being the Cheese, the second was The Muddy Hand and the third was The Foot.
  • Greg admitted that he actually got attached to the grapefruit decoy as well.
  • The concept of Alfrendo being able to eat food may be based on the Baby Alive or the Cabbage Patch Snack Time dolls.
    • The former can "eat" real food and use the potty, while the latter eat plastic food.
  • It is possible that Frank was the one who threw away Alfrendo as Greg theorized since Frank never liked Alfrendo in the first place.
  • When Greg finds him again in the flooded basement he at first thought it was a real baby before realizing it was Alfrendo.
  • In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever, Santa's Scout is given the name of Elfriendo.