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Albert Sandy is a student at Greg Heffley's school who is known for frequently sharing questionable and often false claims and rumors with his classmates, usually during lunchtime. The validity of his claims (whether they are right or not) is unconfirmed. He shows up throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, with his latest appearance being in No Brainer.


The Last Straw[]

At lunch, Albert tells the guys at his table about a man from either Thailand or China who gained the ability to jump six feet into the air by jumping in and out of progressively deeper holes over the course of about a week. A few people tell Albert that his story is not true, but Greg thinks that it makes a lot of sense and attempts the same thing with his best friend Rowley Jefferson.[1]

The Ugly Truth[]

Greg decides that he wants to go to the health class at school, because his only source of information on that subject is Albert, who he worries is feeding him bad information. Said information from Albert is his belief that women are incapable of flatulence (farting).[2] During the Lock-In, Albert Sandy talks about a movie he watched where a man escaped from prison by digging his way out with a spoon. Desperate to escape, the kids get spoons from the school cafeteria and try it, but are unable to even make a single dent in the linoleum floor, leading Greg to believe what Albert said was a "bunch of Hollywood baloney".[3]

Old School[]

At Hardscrabble Farms, Albert tells everybody that Silas Scratch has a network of tunnels underneath the cabins at the farm, which is why he is able to move around so quickly. It's implied that he states that Silas can come out through the toilets, which makes kids too scared to use the bathrooms at the camp.[4]

Double Down[]

Albert talks about an old billionaire who is freezing himself for a hundred years[5] and tells Greg and Rowley that human beings only use 80% of their brains and that if humans tap into the other 20% they can do amazing things. Greg discusses both of these claims.[6]

The Meltdown[]

On a cold day, Albert tells kids that it is so cold that their spit will freeze before hitting the ground. As a result, all the kids test out his theory after they are let outside, making recess "a nightmare".[7]

When Greg discusses the fact that no one at his school covers their sneezes, he notes that Albert has exacerbated the problem by telling the guys at his lunch table a story about a guy who covered his sneeze and blew his head off. When he accuses Albert of lying, he swears that the story is true and that the guy survived and works as a bagger at the local Shop-n-Dash. Albert also claims that when someone's pet dies during the winter, they have to wait until the ground thaws in the spring before it can be buried, so people in town use the school cafeteria's walk-in freezer to store their pets.[8]

When Rowley needed to pee he ducks behind the big rock in Mr. Yee's front yard and Greg says that he wouldn't pee outside in the cold as Albert told them about a person who did.[9] On the walk to school, Greg starts wondering if a persons blood can freeze. He thinks it's plausible, but kind of feels like it would be something Albert would make up.[10]

Wrecking Ball[]

Albert talks about a guy who was struck by lightning while out in a canoe who became supercharged with electricity as a result.[11]

The Deep End[]

Albert Sandy tells about a kid who slept outside and was sucked dry by a giant mosquito to the students at the cafeteria.[12]

Big Shot[]

Greg recalls a story that Albert Sandy told about a guy who blew out a bicep while lifting weights, leading him to be more careful while at the gym with his father.[13]

No Brainer[]

Albert Sandy states that Larry Mack only expended half of his purloined money on his car dealership, and that the rest is still buried inside the school. This causes all the students to get riled up, hunting for his lost riches.[14]

Later, Albert Sandy claims that Fulson Tech's lunch menu was composed by a famous chef and that they possess their own meat carving station inside the cafeteria.[15]

As it turns out near the end of the book, Albert's story about Larry Mack's money was partially true as the money was found behind one of the walls of C-Wing.


Albert brags that his parents got a 36-inch t.v. for his room, a DVD player and a bunch of other stuff for his room.[16] When Albert joins the Rec League he quit after the first day, so he could stay home and play video games.[17]


  • In nearly every appearance he has made, Albert has had the exact same expression on his face, frowning with his mouth open. However, he is smiling in the online book and in The Last Straw.
  • He has never played a major role in any of the books.






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