Albert Sandy
Albert Sandy
Name Albert Sandy
Age 12
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Albert Sandy is a kid and minor character that goes to Greg Heffley's school. He always thinks crazy or absurd thoughts about things that don't happen in real life. Most people don't take him seriously, as his claims are usually lies; Greg believes him, however, when he talks about a man from Thailand or China who could jump really high by digging a hole in the ground, then jumping in and out of it. He later reappeared in The Ugly Truth, spouting more lies to kids. In the Lock-In, he said that he watched a movie where a man got out of prison by digging his way out with a kitchen utensil (spoon) Desperate to escape the Lock-In, the kids tried that, but ultimately failed. Greg notes that Albert was once again lying, and that his claim was just a whole bunch of "Hollywood baloney." In the health class, Greg wants to go because his source of information was Albert. He is seen again Old School at Hardscrabble Farms, telling everyone that Silas Scratch had a network of underground tunnels beneath the cabins at the farm, that's how he was able to move around so quickly and he also haunts the bathroom as well, although the information was false and he possibly made that up. So thanks to him, the kids are too scared to use the bathroom because of Silas Scratch. In the Double Down, Greg said he bought one of the Spineticklers book about a guy who gets frozen and then wakes in the future. He thought it was just a bunch of science fiction, but Albert said he heard about this rich guy who's doing it for real. He said he saw in the news report about an old billionaire who's really sick at that time, and he paid a ton of money to freeze himself. Then in a hundred years he's gonna get UNfrozen. He's betting that by then they know how to cure every disease and he can go on living forever. Greg thinks the freezing thing sounds a great plan to him. In The Meltdown, Greg said that the last time they had outdoor recess on a day like today, Albert is saying it was so cold that your spit would freeze before it hits the ground. It turns out he was wrong and the recess that day was a total NIGHTMARE. Later, he tells everyone at lunch that the story about a guy who covered his sneeze and when he did, he blew his head clean OFF. Greg said his story is not true but he swore it was. He said the guy actually survived without his head, who is currently working as a grocery bagger at the local Shop-n-Dash. He always spreading bad information like that, and the kids believe in Greg's table what he said. A couple a weeks ago, he said that when someone's pet dies in the winter, they will have to wait until the ground thaws in the spring before it can be buried. He said that they need to keep their pets somewhere in the meantime. He also said that the people in Greg's town use the school cafeteria's walk-in freezer to store their pets for the winter and right now it's full to capacity. Greg also mentioned that his friend Rowley needs to go find a place to pee, and eventually they reached Mr. Yee's big rock in Surrey Street and he told his friend Rowley to duck behind and do his business. Greg wouldn't pee outside in this cold because he heard Albert Sandy told them a story about what happened to a guy who did pee in the cold.

Online Book

In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online, he said that his parents got a 32 inch T.V. for his room and many other things.