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The Airport is a major location in The Getaway. The Heffley family pass through it on their way to Isla de Corales. It is also mentioned in Old School when Frank Heffley has to go to the airport on a business trip. The airport is depicted as being relatively distant from Plainview, and it is described as a sizable and busy airport, likely accommodating various domestic and international flights. Notably, within the airport premises, there is a small hotel mentioned. The hotel becomes a point of interest when a tempting offer is made to passengers to give up their plane seats in exchange for a room in this convenient accommodation.


The Getaway[]

At the airport, the Heffley family encounters a series of comical mishaps and delays. Initially, their suitcases are deemed overweight, prompting the airport staff to suggest an additional fee for checking them. However, Frank staunchly refuses to pay extra, and they hurriedly redistribute some clothes into their carry-on bags.

As they proceed to the security line, chaos ensues when a mischievous kid disrupts the barriers, causing everyone to jumble up. Unfortunately, this results in the Heffley family being stuck at the back of the line. They attempt to appeal to a security officer to move to the front but are unsuccessful. Inside the security checkpoint, they face further delays caused by a person needing to remove numerous piercings.

More trouble arises when Manny's toy gets stuck in an escalator, causing more delays and adding to the family's frustration. With time running out, they rush to the gate in a panic, only to discover that their flight is delayed. Greg tries to dry his sock in the restroom, but it ends up in an unfortunate incident involving a urinal.

Amidst the ongoing delays, they learn that the flight is overbooked, and Greg contemplates exchanging their seats for a hotel stay and compensation of $300, which later increases to $500. However, Susan intervenes, preventing Greg from proceeding with the idea. Just as they are about to board, another passenger quickly accepts the $500 offer, taking the last available seat.

Eventually, a replacement crew arrives, allowing them to finally board the plane.

Greg is first impressed by the plane's first-class seats before he discovers that he has to sit in the economy. However, Frank collected enough air miles because of his business trips to sit in first class. In the economy, Susan, Rodrick, and Manny are seated in the right row. Greg finds out he has three seats to himself until a family arrives late on board. The couple sits on either side of him with their baby. Greg becomes paranoid when he watches the emergency video and begins to ask questions about unfortunate events. Greg is very angry with the other passengers because most aren't watching the emergency video. Mid-flight, he feels boxed in when the people in front recline, and the person behind slides his cold and clammy bare feet on Greg's armrest. Greg tries to recline his chair too but when he asks the flight attendant how he learns that he can't because the row behind him is an emergency exit. He ends up going to the bathroom because the couple's baby started to get annoying, and sits in there feeling like a mini-apartment to himself. However the handle of the door shakes and the whole bathroom shakes too, the Flight Attendant tells Greg that they were going through a little turbulence. Greg tries to swap seats with Rodrick but couldn't get to him because one of the wheels on the beverage cart broke from the turbulence. But then he ends up returning to his seat. He was somehow able to sleep for the rest of the flight.