In the The Last Straw, Greg finds ads for ripoff products in the back of a comic book, and buys them. He thinks about suing the people who made them, but he realizes that lawyers cost money, and he wouldn't have been able to, because of him being broke.

Ads in the Comic

  • The X-Ray Goggles: Were meant to see through clothes, metal, and other objects, but ended up giving the wearer blurry and cross-eyed vision.
  • Personal Hovercraft: Looked like a ready made speed up hoverboard but was just a hard blueprint that Greg got stuck on step 1 (which was to acquire a twin turbine engine).
  • The Cash Machine: Believed to print real money when normal paper is inserted, but turned out to be a magic trick where you have to insert your OWN money in a secret compartment.
  • Throw Your Voice Kit: Said that we could make what we say come out of someone else's voice, but turned to be a total scam.


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