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Abigail to Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson

Abigail Brown was Greg Heffley's date to the Valentine's Day Dance, the former girlfriend of Rowley Jefferson and the current girlfriend of Michael Sampson. She appears during the latter half of The Third Wheel and in Hard Luck, where she becomes the main antagonist as she intentionally tries to breach Rowley and Greg's relationship, causing Greg and Rowley to drift apart.


The Third Wheel[]

When Rowley informs Greg about Abigail and Michael Sampson's recent breakup, Greg seizes the opportunity to ask her to the school dance. He comes up with a plan to use Rowley as a wingman, even though Rowley doesn't know Abigail well.

As the dance approaches, Greg faces a dilemma about transportation and decides to have Robert Jefferson drive them to the event. When they arrive at the Brown family's house, Mr. Brown, a state trooper, keeps an eye on Greg while they wait.

During the ride to the dance, Rowley and Abigail hit it off, and Greg becomes concerned that Abigail might be more interested in Rowley than him. To protect his chances, Greg tries to dissuade her from Rowley by explaining that Rowley wasn't trying to be funny when offering her a sip of his drink.

At the dance, a tense moment arises when Michael Sampson arrives with Cherie Bellanger, causing Abigail to break down in tears after realizing that the family obligations excuse was a lie, and Michael had indeed broken up with her. Greg, seeing the opportunity, invites Abigail to dance, but he becomes overly anxious when he spots what he thinks is a chickenpox on her face. This mishap deeply upsets Abigail and ruins any romantic prospects Greg may have had with her.

Afterwards, it's implied that Abigail develops feelings for Rowley and ends up running off with him. Greg feels betrayed by his so-called wingman, believing that Rowley's involvement led to his own date being ruined.

Despite his intentions to get closer to Abigail, Greg's overthinking and misinterpretation of the situation result in a missed opportunity, leaving him to reflect on the outcome and his potentially ruined chances with Abigail.

Hard Luck[]

Abigail is the main antagonist of Hard Luck. She and Rowley are revealed to be a couple in this book. This causes Rowley to start dressing and behaving differently, much to the disdain of Greg. They are voted as Cutest Couple in the yearbook, prompting Greg to resign as a yearbook photographer, as he has had enough. However, at the end of the book, Greg hears that Abigail was never into Rowley in the first place and was only dating him to try and make Michael Sampson jealous.

Greg felt bad for Rowley and also felt that the way Abigail broke up with Rowley was kind of harsh. However, after Abigail breaks up with Rowley and gets back together with Michael, Greg and Rowley patch things up and become friends again.


  • Given estimates made based off of illustrations of her, Abigail Brown is most likely between 4' 10" (147.32 cm) and 5' 0" (152.4 cm) tall. However, this is entirely conjecture, as her height has never been stated conclusively within the series.
  • Her appearance bears a resemblance to Ben Fielders.
  • It is unknown exactly why Michael Sampson cheated on her, but Cherie Bellanger was shown to like Michael Sampson in Greg's relationships chart, so perhaps she asked him out.
  • Her father is a state trooper, or at least, according to Greg, he dresses up like one.
  • Abigail is shown to have poor manners when she orders the most expensive item at Corny's and barely touches it at Greg's expense.
  • Abigail has had at least two boyfriends: Michael Sampson and Rowley Jefferson.
    • Despite this, she only dated Rowley to make Michael Sampson jealous.
  • Abigail shows an extreme disliking towards Greg throughout her relationship with Rowley and caused Rowley to change a lot for her own liking.
    • She may dislike Greg since he screamed and pointed at her pimple (mistaking it for chicken pox) at the Valentine's Day school dance in The Third Wheel.
  • Abigail is likely a retired character and has made no further appearances since Hard Luck.
  • Abigail may be sensitive, proven in The Third Wheel, when she cries upon noticing Michael Sampson's arrival at the dance.
  • In a teaser cover of The Deep End, there is a person who appears to be Abigail.
    • In the online version, Abigail could possibly be related to Byron Brown.