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A Hundred Years Ago was a poem written by Rodrick Heffley for history class while he was in middle school. When Greg received the same assignment years later, he thought there would be snowing and the poem will be delayed; however it did not, meaning he has to type it up. He then asks Frank for help but he refuses, so then Rodrick said he'll sell it for Mom Bucks. However, Greg refuses and types up the paper, but during research, the power went out, so then Rodrick sold him this poem for $20,000 Mom Bucks (or $200 (USD), in real money). Greg soon realized that this was not a good idea, as the poem was quite poorly written, and Rodrick later discovered that Greg had stolen the Mom Bucks from Rowley's Monopoly game rather than actually earning them. When Rodrick tried to cash it in for a used motorcycle, Susan realizes she never put in more than a thousand Mom Bucks and found out that Greg was trying to cheat the system, ending the program.

The poem[]

Sometimes I sit and wonder

About stuff I don't know

Like what the heck the earth was like

A hundred years ago.

Did cavemen ride on dinosaurs?

Did flowers even grow?

Well, we could guess but that was back

A hundred years ago.

I wish they built a time machine

And they picked me to go

To check out what the scene was like

A hundred years ago.

Did giant spiders rule the earth?

Were deserts filled with snow?

I wonder what the story was

A hundred years ago.


  • This poem is an inaccurate representation of the past century as the poem makes assumptions about possible events during the Mesozoic Era which takes place (at least) millions of years ago instead of the past 100 years and nonsensical things such as giant spiders ruling the Earth. It would have made more sense if Rodrick had called this poem "A Hundred Million Years Ago."
  • The poem from the movie is written slightly differently than the book version, although it still retains the basic structure and misinformation of the poem.
  • This poem is a parody of “A Hundred Years Ago” by The Wiggles from their 2006 album Racing to the Rainbow.