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ABC Disposal is the disposal service of the Heffley family while getting their home remodeled in Wrecking Ball.[1]

The dumpster first appears when Manny Heffley grabs scrap wood from the dumpster to build a house. Greg thinks that the dumpster is the best part about the new addition to the Heffleys home because he can simply just toss trash in the dumpster right from his window.

The next day, Greg tried to empty the garbage in the dumpster all at once but the trash toppled over, forcing him to pick up the trash on the ground. His laziness would result in a false toilet-papering report by Mr. Larocca, causing him to not perform at his peak for the test.


  • ABC Disposal shares its name with multiple real-life waste management services in the U.S., including ABC Disposal Systems based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and ABC Disposal Service, which is located in New Bedford, Massachusetts.




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