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38 Bacon Street is the house of Gammie. It's very big, old and grand. It appears in The Ugly Truth and The Deep End. Most of the Heffley family reunion took place in this house.

The house has many pictures and albums of family members. There isn't anything fun there so in The Ugly Truth, Greg complained to Susan about it, and she got Lego bricks. However, Gammie glued them together because she didn't like having little pieces all over the floor.

Gammie's furniture has a sticky note with the name of different family members written by the member, this is because when Gammie dies, the members would take her furniture and stuff.

There are also many bedrooms inside the house, The Bachelors have to sleep in a big room, which has two beds, making four bachelors double up and sleep, while the rest have to sleep with sleeping bags on the floor. The house also has a driveway where Gary Heffley parked his camper van for 2 years until he ran off as a rodeo clown.




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