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12 Surrey Street (517 Third Street in the movies and 12 Prestwick Drive in the online book) is the street address of the home owned by the Heffley family. It appears in every of the main books and could be explored in the Wimpy Wonderland Island of the game Poptropica.

The house contains two stories and an attic and a basement, as well as a deck, a garage, a yard, and formerly a hot tub. There are three bedrooms that are occupied by Greg, Manny, and Frank and Susan Heffley respectively, while Rodrick sleeps in the basement (the attic in the film).

It was destroyed in Wrecking Ball and it is later revealed in The Deep End that the house is under repair. The house was repaired in Big Shot and it seems like the driveway was updated because Susan put up a basketball hoop when Greg was in a basketball team.


Greg's room[]

Greg's room is where Greg mainly stays. His bed is right next to the wall, with a window near it, as well as a dresser. It is first seen to have a toy boat on it, but in the next picture, it shows a clock on it. However, in "Dog Days", the window is not there, and the clock is replaced by a lamp. In Dog Days as well, it is revealed there is a light switch to the right of Greg's dresser, and to the right of the light switch is the door.

Dog Days also shows Greg has a desk with one of those rolling and spinning chairs. There is a lamp as well above it, pointing down. Greg's room has 2 doors, so there is a good possibility that he has his own bathroom. The second door has a basketball hoop on it.

In Cabin Fever, the window reappears, but now in a different spot, so does the dresser. There is a possibility that Greg's furniture was changed to a different area in his room, but not said. The pictures compared are below.

This could just be a mistake, but later in Cabin Fever, it goes back to the original form, but without the window. It changes again later in the book. The pictures below are the comparison.

But it was probably a mistake. Additionally, the lamp on Greg's dresser in the first picture is white, but on the next picture, it changes the bottom part to black.

In the third wheel, the window is back to its original spot. Well, not in all of the pictures. It's a good possibility that Greg just doesn't always draw his room correctly. (By the way, if you're wondering where the gallery is, somebody deleted it)

Manny's room[]

Manny's room is a place where Manny sleeps and sometimes hang out. Manny's bed has 10 stuffed dinosaurs, which Manny must've discovered from Susan's closet before Greg. In Cabin Fever, Manny also stored a bunch of food in his room from Rodrick, Susan, and Greg until Greg found out about it. It shows he has not been clever about where to hide it, which is reasonable for his age.

Examples of stuff he hid in his room:

Furnace room[]

The furnace room is where Frank Heffley works on his Civil War battlefield. He tends to lock it, and does his best to prevent others from coming in, especially Rowley. One time Rowley accidentally broke a plate, and Frank saw him as a dangerous person, so every time Rowley came over, he was banned from the Furnace Room.

Frank has also been trying to keep Manny away from the Furnace Room as well, but that backfired on Frank. Manny became scared of the "monster" in the Furnace Room, so he had to sleep in Susan and Frank's bed.


  • Rodrick's Basement Room
  • Rodrick's Attic Room (Movie)
  • Master bedroom
  • Basement
  • Attic (film only)
  • Dining room
  • Garage
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Deck
  • Store-room
  • Front Yard
  • Back Yard
  • Guest Room (The Pig's room)
  • Foyer


  • To the left of it is Mr. Larocca's house and to the right of it is Mrs. Tuttle's house.
  • Rodrick's room is in the attic; Instead of basement in the film, because the house being used for the movie does not actually have a basement in real life.
  • If the house being used for the movie did have a basement, it still wouldn't have been used because they couldn't fit the entire crew down there.
  • In the book The Last Straw, there was no deck; rather the sliding door just leads directly to the backyard.
  • In the movie adaptations, scenes for the Heffley residence were filmed at 517 Third Street in New Westminster, BC, Canada.
  • in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball the house was destroyed but it is now fixed.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball revealed the house had 3 bathrooms.



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